Willy and Brohm splitting reps in practice?

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2015/07/28/limping-willy-leaves-practice-early]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2015/07/28/l ... tice-early[/url]

Apparently Willy couldn't run out of the pocket and had to leave to see a doctor. How long does this continue before O'Shea shuts Willy down for a few weeks to let him heal up? If he does have a sprained knee, why on earth is he practicing?

Just read that Willy is starting the next game, despite his leg injury. If that leg takes another hit...

The team doctor’s must have felt that he is OK to practice/play, and really he needs to be in there as this city might just riot if we have to watch Brohm stink it up again.

Hope you're right and he's healthy. If he gets injured again, though, we're starting to enter Buck Pierce territory.

I think if we were on the road , we would sit him and take our licks. This being a home game and a winnable one, may have led to the decision to start him ?

I don't think Willy's 100%, but I don't think he'd get medical clearance if he wasn't healthy enough to play without putting him at significant risk. Willy is clearly invaluable to this team's fortunes and it's a short week. Ideally you'd want to give him the week off so you don't risk a more longer term injury and I think if you have any sort of confidence in your backup to get the job done you sit Willy. The fact they aren't really makes me wonder exactly how much faith they have in Brohm.

Outside of the one play where his foot got jammed and he limped a little, there was no indication at all of any injury, and Willy played a great game.

Looks like the team made the right choice afterall :wink:

Well we proved we CAN win on a short week and with a qb. who was 'supposed' to be on the limp....Great game from the offence this time out.....D' not so much :roll:

He ran very well. Willy though knows to slide though and seeing him avoid it yesterday was because of the knee. Fantastic effort from him though.

I thought the D was pretty good (relative ofcourse :wink: )
Adams & Bass are becoming important players and are only going to improve. I'd still like to see more consistency from them and a much improved rush.

A lot of standouts on the D for sure but we still need to stop the run.....Bass being in there made a dif. but we seem to be still letting guys like Harris (can we please bring this kid home)run wild...I see we have brought in a linebacker by the name of Littlejohn....Don't know where they plan to put him ....maybe the middle...hard to say.....He really looks good in the vid. ...BUT don't they all...Really like Adams on the D....and Adams on the O...Get another one and we are headed for the Adams family :wink: ...Ham. up next...may be some time for a little retribution.. :slight_smile: