Willis on the move???

Get over dramatic much? Who's calling for Burke to get fired? :roll: :roll:

.....WOW....we just took the green guys to the cleaners :lol: Good ol Taman does it again...His game, when he was here was just what he pulled off today... Non-import for an eighth pic PLUS (when we were sorely lacking) ....I think Mack just burned the napkin guy....Don't get me wrong in all of this ..I really liked Odell and his play but after that baloney he spewed in the Cup game, i lost all respect for him..We have better players waiting to start in Vega, Mainor, Kashama, Fritz, Turner....We're deep and just got a whole lot better :wink: :thup: ..Keep up the good work Mack..I'm liking you more every day :thup:

Deep? Are any of the guys you mentioned even close to the threat that Willis and Brown created in the pass rush? Brown's departure alone will greatly hurt Winnipeg's pressure, because he commanded double-teams, freeing other guys up. But now Willis is gone? The Bomber secondary will be on their horses this year due to opposing QB's having all day to wait for receivers to get open.

And there is no way Mack uses an 8th pick in the Canadian draft to get anyone capable of replacing Brown.

...IF you don't think we're deep :lol: :lol: :lol: I suggest you don't follow the Wpg. Blue Bombers...Why do you think Willis was disenchanted and dispensable here?????I'll fill you in ' because we had three other guys who are better and waiting to take Odells job' ...He knew it and was asking for his release :wink: ..Willis was being replaced...plain and simple...His game was wearing thin and the offsides were definitely a hinderance...Good luck to the riders in straightening that out...ABOVE ALL...You can bet this move was made in conference with Burke who runs a pretty good defence :wink: All in all we win this trade with the draft pics acquired...ANYTIME you can get a high draft pic for an import you're laughing....Ask hfxtc :lol: :lol:

The Dline has a fair amount of depth and if there is any spot on the team that can afford to lose a couple of players its there. All the aforementioned guys will, hopefully, be that much better after having a year under their belts. Mainor has double digit sack potential. They seemed really high on Fritz. Vega I think was a surprise and outperformed my expectations for him based on what I'd seen of him with the TiCats. They brought back Andre Carroll who was in camp last year, which they wouldn't have done if he hadn't shown some ability and may be the favourite to plug into Brown's spot. Dorian Smith coming back from injury who now becomes the old guy on the line. Should be a good battle in camp too with up to 3 roster spots opening up (Brown, Willis, Donny O). I would bet that one of their picks this year is used for a Dlineman and probably another 2-3 more signed before camp. They may lose a couple of sacks from their total but overall I think they will be a good group.

Great trade for Winnipeg in my book. Unloaded a one-dimensional, me-first player with only one year left on his contract for two good picks in the upcoming draft.

This is a very good trade as long as the Bombers chose wisely in the draft.

And develop them properly... Its not just drafting the guys but you have to invest time and money and put a career plan that allows them to grow year to year. This year will be tough for the Bombers with the retirement of Brown, loss of a bunch of talented guys and the whole schedule/move thing but the way the franchise is run is very promising. Mack not taking any shortcuts and it will pay off.

Willis is an excellent talent no doubt, but he excelled because of playing next to Doug Brown. Willis gets 13 sacks next to Brown in '11, but in '12 without Brown, how many? 6? 8? 5?

Brown is the big loss. Willis is far less valuable to Winnipeg now that Brown is gone. Even if Willis was a perfect team player, this is still a good move for the Bombers.

Willis becomes more valuable to the Riders, not just because they so desperately need an end but also because Willis can still get 10, 12 14 sacks playing next to Shologan and Romero.

The deal is still a gamble long term for both teams. Whether or not the Bombers get a diamond in the rough or a couple of busts with the picks, and whether or not Willis flips the Riders the bird at the end of the season, or even if he starts pouting when they're 3-9 after Labour Day. Long term it looks a little better for the Bombers, but short term it is definitely better for Sask.

All in all though, I think it is a very fair deal for both clubs. There seem to be quite a few fans from either team who think that they sound cool throwing the term 'fleece' around. There is no fleece here. This is solid football business by both teams.

Look at this as an expensive rental and you might not be disapointed.

Except that for Saskatchewan, is an expensive rental the way to go when you're basically rebuilding? I can understand a rental if you feel you only need one piece to make a Cup run, but we're talking about a team that finished in the west basement last season and still has question marks at key positions on both sides of the ball.

Do you honestly believe they will only be 2-9 going into Labour Day? :lol: :lol:

Obvioulsy with the Riders, their HC Corey Chamblin knows him and what he's getting in Willis. And he's playing for a new contract if I'm not mistaken which should motivate him. If Hawkins comes back from last years injury with any ability or Shomari Williams improves at the other DE spot, Riders should have themselves a decent pair of ends. Unless he himself implodes mentally, Willis should be fine in regina.

The Bombers won't replace him with any one guy as they seem rotated guys in and out of the line during the game and will probably continue that this year. What it does mean though is that guys like Vega (7 sacks), Fritz (1 sack in only a handful of games), Kashama will have more opportunity, or someone else making the club in TC gets a shot. There is some talent with the guys already here to offset some of the loss.

...I say 4 and 9 :lol: ...Seriously though, Willis has to improve a sask. team that is missing a good def. end, since the departure of Baggs and Chick...He'll fill the bill AND as long as he is not trying to fill his own nfl billing with photo ops. and 'swag' talk, he should be able to contribute to a modest rider revival...BUT if other players see him as just a rental till his next gig and not a team player, the riders will be revving up the manure trucks for a visit to Tamans house... Brendan rolled the dice on this trade :wink:

...I'm not really concerned at all about how we're going to fill the position vacated by Willis, I'm more concerned about the middle linebacker spot...Joe Lo has got me worried with his penchant for knee troubles...A source has said that he'll be ready for tc., after speaking with him at a hockey game...I hope so and i hope he has worked on strengthening his legs...He's a valuable guy when healthy but that hasn't been the case in his career....I think Mack won't take any chances and will probably bring in some decent talent at MLB...That job could be up for grabs...We'll see :roll:

I like the way you think. :wink: