Willis on the move???

...Seems like there's some interest from a team in acquiring Odell Willis???? Namely the green guys next door according to Arash Madani...With the depth we have at the position, i wouldn't be surprised to see a deal made...I don't know what Taman has to offer us BUT it would have to be good or he can start leafing through his napkin holder... :lol: I'd hate to lose Odell but if we can get better i think we would make the move...So the bottom line is, Taman has to get better at defensive end BUT what is he prepared to part with to swing a deal, IF Madani is correct in his rumour mongering :roll:????

When did he say the Riders were interested? I saw his tweet saying the Bombers had tried to shop Willis at the meetings in Toronto but there were no takers yet.

....Im picking this up off of rider fans (i think they're informed) They're saying we tried to make a deal with Wally but Buono said no dice...They're also saying a deal for Willis in exchange for rider ni o lineman Best 'could be' in the works...I dunno how they come by this info. ..Proably just conjecture at this point but they have been accurate in the past :wink:

I'm thinking the Stumps may want him back.

He's a player Murphy scouted, so it would make sense. Best is a good NI linesman seems like a high price to pay for a guy who displayed much selfishness last year. Isn't he in the last year of his deal as well ? If that's the case I could see very few teams interested.

...I think Willis will garner a lot of interest....Maybe not for his attitude (see his Cup comments)...He is no doubt a talented player and there are a few teams who could use/would like his services....IF those teams who are in dire need of help now are waiting for his release this year, think again...Mack will keep him rather than go down that road.. Someones gonna have to make a deal for him if they want him...This ain't the Kelly years around here anymore :wink:

I'm pretty sure 2012 is the last year of his contract. Not likely to re-sign either so, get what you can for him before he's gone.

We have depth??? who? Vega Kashama Mainor thats all we got remaining and all those don't require double team our Dline is going to look alot weaker we already lost big #97 which had olines doubling up on him now your gonna remove another threat, bad move i think.

They rotate a lot of players on the line besides, I have heard (rumour) they have found the next Cam Wake. :lol:

… we do have depth on the d line…especially on the ends…The rotation method, as pigseye stated, worked pretty good… Willis was being used sparingly after the first 6 games which is most likely why Mack figures he’s expendable… We’ll definitely miss big Dougs presence IF he has definitely pulled the pin…Could he return for one more year in the new digs???Maybe… maybe not…By the look of him, on his first stab at a football panel, it could be ‘maybe not’… :roll:

I'm not sure Burke/Lapolice will want the mayor showing up for camp. We'll see I guess.

Ya i guess... after a little thinking Anwar Stewart is available too Burke's coached him who knows maybe this is to open up a spot for him? as he can drop back into coverage too and not just solely a pass rusher which Willis is


Winnipeg trade Willis to Sask. for 2 draft picks and 1 conditional draft pick.

Penton tweeted that Mack was willing to bring back Willis but the coaching staff didn't want him. Coach Burke wasn't a fan. Also Wazny quoted Lapo as saying more than just talent is considered in these types of decisions.

Not sure how this one's going to play out. That Rider pick puts the bombers back into the first round effectively which hopefully brings a player that can contribute for years to come, especially with this being considered a draft with quality. The 4th round pick can also bring in a decent player as they've had success in the later rounds the last couple years. They lose Willis' penchant for offside penalties. They also give up a DE which they started rotating out more frequently towards the end of last season because of weakness in the run game, though I think this is somewhat overstated considering this is basically a passing league and the bomber D was in the mid to top of the league in fewest rush yards against and fewest rushing TDs against. They lose his sack totals, but with some improvement at other spots along the line the team can pick some of those up. My biggest worry is the short term affect on the D. His energy and his presence was a big part of swaggerville and he seems like he was popular amongst his teammates on D. Having seen some discontent from other players on D this offseason, how will they feel about this move? If there's any discord and they don't play well out of the gate, which could happen with all the away games to start the season, that could lead to big time locker room issues. Would be a shame to have to start retooling already after they just started to build something.

According to the Sun, Willis asked for his release a number of times since the end of the season because he wanted to try down south. If he was unhappy in Winnipeg because of his playing time being reduced and for the aforementioned reason then I doubt this trade will cause a problem in the locker room.

which is why alex suber has already tweeted

"I really wanna tweet some things right now but i know i cant!"

but that comment can be taken many of ways, which is he referring to - that he doesn't agree with the trade and we lost a key piece or - is he trying to say something to all the BB fans saying stupid move and wants to share something??

personally i don't like the move and worst part is he went to Sask outta all teams

You want to fire Burke now because you don't like the changes he's making on defence? :roll:

Just wanted to say I'll miss having Odell here. Fun guy who brought a lot of energy to the team. Thanks for that, Odell.

For those of you mourning the so-called death of our dline with the departures of Donny O, Doug Brown, and now Odell, have you already forgotten about Vega, Fritz, Mainor, Kashama, and Bryant Turner? Not to mention whoever else Mack brings to camp...D-line will be just fine...