Willis McGahee in big doodoo in more ways than one

Will be interesting to see if he is run out of Buffalo. Guess he doesn't like the bright lights of Buffalo :lol:

"The Toronto Bills?

Willis McGahee thinks that might be a good idea one day, much to the chagrin of outraged Buffalo sports fans.

According to wgr55.com, McGahee made some controversial comments regarding the future of the NFL in both Buffalo and Toronto during a recent interview in Penthouse magazine.

Asked about the possibility of the NFL one day coming to Toronto, McGahee replied "That would be a good situation. Toronto is a beautiful place. But if they're going to put a team there, they should just bring the Buffalo Bills to Toronto. Case closed."

The phone lines for call-in shows were burning up with angry fans who want the Bills running back to be run right out of the Queen City.

McGahee's statements come on the heels of a report in the Miami Herald that the former Miami Hurricane is facing his third paternity suit in two years."

[url=ttp://torontosun.com/Sports/Football/2007/01/11/3299449-sun.html]ttp://torontosun.com/Sports/Football/20 ... 9-sun.html[/url]

...."what choo talkin 'bout Willis?"......sorry, just had to say it...

As usual...can't keep his u-know-what in his pants, or his foot out of his mouth. Bills fans would burn that city to the ground if that team went anywhere!