Willis is NOT the mayor of Riderville

I don't care if he had some ridiculous title in Winnipeg, a guy like that does not get any title in Saskatchewan without proving anything first.

there's no mayor of Riderville.... and if there were, he would not be it.

care to explain.

of course,

you don't come into a brand new city and team and by default get labelled something just because you were self proclaimed in the past.

he has to earn his stripes and make the Riders keep him and once he's made a name for himself in Saskatchewan THEN it can be considered.

he is replaceable. he's not the best linebacker to play football ever! he's pretty good and he is going to help us but he's not the ultimate player that we have missed since 1955..

...what if he started off with Councilman first, then eased his way towards Mayor? or is Councilman even too big of a step, perhaps some sort of administrative position first, like Bylaw Officer of Riderville...

Have you heard something the rest of us haven't?
I don't think he has said anything to claim that he is the Mayor, councilman, ombudsmen or street sweeper of Riderville. Is this some kind of preemptive strike from the great cflisthebest? I am pretty sure he and everyone else knows that he has to earn his way on to the team and fall into the culture of being a Rider. If he doesn't I have no doubt he will be on his way after this year.
Also learn what position he plays before you come off and shoot the guy down before he even does anything.

...I disagree, military ranks are observed between warring armies and respect afforded to the higher ranking officers, I think that Willis's constitutionally protected title should be automatically witnessed and upheld by the Riders...he ran a very hardworking election and won a narrow margin to attain that position (Mayor, not linebacker) and that should follow him...

...employ a bit of victorian gentlemanship here gentlemen, recognize and bow to your mayor

...it's rumoured too that Mayor Willis's first act of the 2012 training camp council will be to change Riderville to Riderburg...'burgs's are more respectable than 'ville's is the reasoning...

This is a funny thread. Really. I have no problem with people calling it 'Riderburg' or even if those same people call Willis the Court Jester of it. So long as the tongue is kept in cheek and the actions speak louder than the wording.

On another note, I though Willis played DE not LB ? Maybe I'm on crack though. Also, last i heard was he got a DUI and missed some practice or something..

Ugh offseason too long

The media is proclaiming him the new mayor

Link or it isn't happening

Durant just declared himself Postmaster General...

That one makes sense, since he owns the stamps more often than not. :lol:



Clearly a new thread with a poll needs to be started so an official democratic election can take place

....walked right into that one :oops: that's what I get for trolling :smiley:

all you have to do is look on the sites like Sportsnet, TSN, etc. and you will see them. are you that lazy?

I am pretty lazy, but part of my laziness is reading sports sites and while sportsnet is not usually my goto, TSN definitely is and I just have not seen any article or post declaring Willis the mayor of Riderville. I just don't think they exist and that you are making it up. I have seen ones saying he was the mayor of swaggerville but that he is now going to Riderville, nothing that said he was going to be the mayor, or post master or whatever, all they have proclaimed him to be is the next starting Defensive End of the Riders. (Not a Linebacker)

Zing. Still waiting for the answer to that one.

If you make the assertion, you provide the link. It's your laziness that's at issue. If you can't be bothered to post any evidence to support your claim, then don't expect anyone to put much stock in what you say. We're still waiting for you to provide evidence. Please, go on.

You of course know that Chris Szarka is a councilman with the city of Regina. Alot of ex Riders live and work in Regina. We treat them well.