Willis / Hawkins

Thought I would point out something that is becoming pretty clear...these guys are really clicking. You see it in interviews, and you see it between plays while they are connected at the hip waiting at the line until they need to go to their spots, and you can just tell they know what/where the other guy is going when they are converging. They really are starting to become a good tandem.

There were a lot of concerns with Hawkins due to past injuries. in the game against BC, on the first drive of the game, he was grabbed by the back of both sides of the shoulder pads and given a pretty solid tug...glad to see he responded well, and hope he stays healthy.

With Willis a lot of Bomber fans noted that a concern last year was his tunnel vision...only good as a rush end, not great as a run stopper...and they pointed out that it is why he was sat a bit. Thus far I believe he has answered that criticism. I just wonder if he found the right coach or if it is something he himself is working on.

I agree they are playing well together. Willis is containing the QB and that has lead to a couple of sacks by others. Hawkins is pumped on the field, I never saw that before to this extent. Hawkins is running to the ball play after play. Half the time when our secondary makes a tackle 10 yds from scrimmage, Hawkins is right there too. Shologan, Williams, George, Kromah etc are all playing with passion. It is soooo much better then last year. Willis seems to have bought I to the team concept and that he can still be a leader without disrupting the locker room.

One the bomber site I see alot of comments that they don't miss Willis. I don't believe that for a second. He was tied for the most sacks last year, only a fool wouldn't want him on your team unless he was a cancer in the locker room. Thank you Winnipeg, we will take him!

Freeman who???? Of course I am joking.

I have only watched the video of the BC game up to middle 2nd quarter. But yes the two ends are getting arounf all over. They are energizing everyone.

Yes, good to see and they are playing like they should be. We can't even compare last years effort because it was really bad. We're seeing how defense should be played, and they will get better because these coaches are pushing (ie. signing jeffers Harris and letting Harper/Hill they need to play better).

I was glad to see Sisco answer the bell. I still have 3 quatters to watch so I'll see what I see? Can;t wait to see Tristan's return even though I have already seen it.

Yes, very nice pickup in Harris. He is solid...Harris, I believe, plays wideout, so Hill is likely safe for a bit, but I would think it does not bode well for Taj Smith. Harris could probably excel inside though, and could be a candidate for bumping Hill. Harper seems to have a lot of potential, but I don't believe he has been used to full capacity. I believe he could be a beast, yet last week when they needed to axe an import it was he...so perhaps he is not in the long term picture.

Jeffers-Harris was considered a bit of a problem when he left Winnipeg so I hope that he can fit in and work with the Team first concept the Riders are using. He is very talented so I would love to see him excel.

Good point. He will see how Willis has adjusted and with our HC he will know to conform or get the axe.