Willing to go PPV if no fans in 2021?

closed in Hamilton

lol what?

Well obviously Toronto has just re-entered the (pointless) lock down but YES Toronto area theatres have been open for months (started re-opening in June, ended this Monday with lockdown)

Heck Cineplex was even renting out entire theatre if you wanted a private (safer) event for your office or kids birthday in Toronto

$125 is dirt cheap; I DO live in Toronto area and my kids birthday parties are easily $300+ per kid per year
Even a normal ticket costs (at least) $15 per person (so $15 x 20 = $300 normal prices)
I suspect reduction in cost is due to covid and all with fewer people going (or those like you claiming it is closed when it is not)

5 minute drive past Toronto city limits you can still see a movie tonight
Many have reduced prices

Land Mark & Hamilton Mountain Cineplex both were open before Monday
Probably others as well

Westdale Theatre still shows open but its a smaller one so my guess is website not updated yet

as said, closed in Hamilton.

It’s not governments that reduce or increase the spread of Covid, it’s us, the people. If we engage in risky behaviours like those who defy health measures or drive to less restrictive areas, the spread increases. If we stay at home, and observe health measures the spread decreases.

Doesn’t matter what the government says, it does matter what we do. Laws and regulations only work if we observe them. End of rant.


Sure. But don’t we already have that. TSN costs extra to add to cable now. So. No need. TSN has the money to broadcast. That is not problem.