Willing to go PPV if no fans in 2021?

Okie, Where or when did Dr. Fauci say the pandemic will be almost over by this time next year?

Maybe sooner than that. I have it on good authority that "like a miracle it's just going to disappear".

The same source said in February, I think, that it was going to disappear in April. Everyone thought he meant April 2020, but maybe he meant April 2021.

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Hopefully that "source" is right re 2021. :wink:

The league has its broadcast and streaming rights bought and paid by in Canada, the US and the UK. Otherwise it's retained the rights to sell or stream TSN-produced games everywhere else in the world - but we only really started making a serious effort in this area starting about a year ago.

It won't be easy - I think in Mexico we've been airing one game a week on cable TV there, and perhaps in Germany and another country as well? The first step is discoverability - we need to be available and seen. Making a meaningful profit is a couple of steps ahead.

Does the league office have permission from Disney(ESPN) to negotiate with prominent broadcasters(Eurosport,Sky,DAZN,Amazon,beIN,MediaPro,NHK) in markets that they are competing in?

Is the league utilizing a media broker to help them? Who?

Is this approach going to be applied to merchandising? New Era has apparel rights
yet their own brand store in London did not carry any CFL merchandise. I visited in January of this year and saw NASCAR/MLS gear.The league appears to lack consistency in vision if your trying to go global.

This is about getting cash to the teams to help them survive. TSN still has to attract viewers without charging them extra somehow. Could this work, what if there was a way that live games would be ppv and then TSN rebroadcasts for free the next day. Or later that night.
On another topic, Iā€™m not a gambler but I think betting on the games should be allowed if the league and teams get a cut of the action.

I would think if there are no fans allowed by say the 1st week of October,
The League would have to go to a bubble and a 6 - 8 game season, no bye weeks
1st and 2nd place playoffs from East and West(cross over from West to East if necessary)
And the 2 winners play in the Grey Cup Final

The issue with gambling is the Canadian laws are so antiquated and need to be updated to allow single game betting among other things.

League should have made that part of the pitch to the government.

Not sure there's enough revenue in CFL betting and I hate to say it but I don't trust the league enough to be able to stop any potential fraud/fixing.

If they can do it right they should be progressive (like the XFL was) and openly talk about spreads and point totals, prop bets are also something on the rise and would be great (Reilly passing yards over/under 307.5).

I think there's something there but it's probably still a few years out.

TSN does nothing for free. Cable subscribers pay a fee for the network.

Reruns of already completed games would draw audiences in the hundreds, not hundreds of thousands. The attraction of sports is its live nature -- not knowing what will happen.

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Do you think people will drop TSN from their cable package just because they get a CFL game time delayed. How many people out there do you think PVR games just miss ads and a lot of talk.

or richer with way more numbers

there is no scenario where the league doesnt lose lots of money with no fans in the stands.

Try to rob peter to pay paul, in the end, results is the same

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Remember when there was the CFN? :slight_smile:

Depends what league you are talking about
NHL as an example vastly overpays for its TV rights
Absurd amounts
Most US teams are happy to collect the Canadian TV revenue as US TV revenue pales in comparison
NHL barely makes more than MLS, and I mean barely

NBA makes very little during season and all its money comes from playoffs

MLB + NFL are both so huge / entrenched it's ridiculous

But no way could CFL launch a network, pay for production + employees, and even break even

We would be down near bottom below both NHL & MLS for obvious reasons (less teams/cities, less games, and overall less interest)

Also remember CFL gives ALL programming away for FREE to majority of world (I think North America, UK, and prob Aus are only places who actually pay for the subscriptions)
I can check if you really care but point is people getting for free now prob won't pay much for the service

Which means the only ones likely to pay are here; which then cannibalizes the TSN / ESPN deals

Look how far down the list the CFL actually is in terms of revenue from normal TV

My suggestion for a better solution than traditional PPV

Partner with Cineplex

They were quite successful showing Raptors and NHL games
They are licensed to sell alcohol and food

I know it won't generate as much $$$ as TSN / ESPN do, but it would work and could work in tandem with what league is already supporting

If CFL games are no longer shown live on TSN, but only tape-delayed, then yes, I believe some subscribers will drop their subscriptions. And as importantly, viewership will drop precipitously, meaning advertisers will not be willing to pay anywhere near what they pay for games shown live. None of this helps Bell in any way (and as I have said before, Bell has an exclusive, enforceable agreement to show CFL games -- no one in this discussion or the other one has made anything resembling a convincing case why Bell would voluntarily surrender one of its top properties to PPV).

I would bet that the number of people who wait to watch games after they are finished so that they can avoid commercials is minuscule.

We can't gather in stadiums because of COVID but we can gather in cinemas?

Same as indoor dining
Less crowd + more control

You know both theaters & restaurants are open right?

I don't know where you live, but they aren't open in Toronto. And I am betting they're going to be closed elsewhere before long. But sure, let's float "gather-in-cinemas" as a solution to the CFL's woes.

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Closed in Montreal. Only take out and delivery for restaurants.