Willing to go PPV if no fans in 2021?

TSN would want to renegotiate their deal and the league would make less $$

Only way it has a chance to work if for the league to create more content. Only way to do that is either increase the regular season which is a hard sell for the players or expansion.

If the logistics of US expansion could be sorted out (which I don't see happening), the games with the US based teams could be offered on a separate PPV since they'll be of lesser interest from TSN or any other Canadian network

Nothing would change for TSN. Just some generous fans would be paying extra to watch the TSN feed that the rest of us watch as part of our normal cable or streaming service. :wink:

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Every other pro League has their own network but does not take the key games and usually plays second fiddle to the main TV deal. And none of those networks are PPV.
A CFL network would need a ton of content.

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What about using this forum to create a revenue stream? An annual membership fee of say 40.00/year or 5.00/month.

In addition there's a charge to post. 50 cents per post per member and 1.00 per post non members. It's new revenue for the league, TSN contract stays intact and existing fans can support the league...win-win-win

It's called the PPP model. Pay Per Post....BTW.. 25% goes to me:)


It's also hard to run a network with a league showing 4 games a week and 81 in the regular season overall.

Maybe a modified version might be the solution. TSN shows guarantees to show all the CFL games and other related content on a specific channel. The rest of the time it shows whatever else TSN is showing. A subscriber could pay for this specific channel instead of the overall TSN package. When the USports contract is up, maybe TSN scoops it up, places it on the aforementioned channel and can sell it as a football-specific channel.

If/when single game betting is allowed in Canada,
The television #'s will explode.
People that bet on games, watch the games!

Pay Per View is not a dedicated channel. A dedicated channel is also a very bad idea.

We've studied it; it'll mean a boost, but nothing significant we're thinking.

Wouldn't it get the younger (20-40 year olds) much more interested in the games if they can bet on a single game over their phone?

What pro leagues are running from the beginning of June to September other than baseball
NHL and NBA are pretty much over by June and NFL isn't on until September

The law really only affects what products the provincial betting authorities can put out - for instance, Proline in Ontario would no longer require you to enter and win at least 3 entries. That's an improvement, but Proline is basically ignored / unknown / irrelevant to young people, and unless they kick in a couple hundred million in advertising and maybe build out a better online presence will stay that way.

Every other betting outlet - overseas ones, or daily fantasy sites like DraftKings already don't care about the 3 game / 1 game / etc rule because they're not bound by Canadian law. So nothing changes there.

Of course I could be wrong about the above - it's just an opinion - but I just don't see this changing anything materially.

I see, BUT, If you could go the the gas station in town and purchase a single game bet instead of having to hit a trifecta more people would do that.
People that bet on a game will watch that game

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Hey! They can keep doing what they've been doing as long as they don't come looking for tax payer's money, they are free to do whatever they want.

Somewhow Australia managed to export their Rugby, UK managed to export their soccer but the CFL will never be able to export their game with an exclusive rights deal with TSN. The CFL ain't even allowed to stream its product.

Maybe I am getting old but did the C.F.L. not have its own channel for a short period of time 15 or 20 years ago ?

They had the Canadian Football Network (CFN) back in 1987.

Created after CTV dropped the CFL and sport in general after 1986.

Loosely affiliated with what is now Global Television.

Ended in 1990 due to rising costs.

As the CFL has a media provider paying them 50 million or so a year...their 2nd biggest revenue source, what would the CFL put on their own channel that's of any interest?

Can't see it being worth the cost, league owned channels are money losers where you dump on wanted content or have a scheduling conflict that can't be resolved. CFL doesn't have those issues

Very easy to bet on single games in Canada.

I have to say that TSN's and the CFL's best interest and the three down game has not been aligned for awhile .

The CFL is always the beggar and never in a position to lead .

This philanthropy approach to private ownership is not doing anyone a favour but putting off the inevitable at some point in time .

Would have liked them used their time wisely and Fine tuned the
product , aligned the feeder system with better exposure and produced an easier more economical model to Canadian expansion .

this is what i was thinking to get us out of trouble for a year if no fans are allowed at the games. We pay a supplemental fee to TSN for next year with the money going to the league. 2 million + watch the pre and post game Grey Cup so I don't think 400 - 600 thousand subscribers would be faroff

So what you're suggesting is that you would have to pay that extra fee to watch a CFL game, or otherwise you will be blocked from watching TSN while a game is on live, correct?

I think the point is that a fair amount of people would pay an additional fee to watch the televised games, if we have no bums in the seats at the park the need for additional cash flow is a must, I for one am all in,

CFL will not even be playing games until a certain percentage of fans are allowed into the stadium. I mean their own stadiums, not some hub-city model.

They will alter and/or eliminate games from the schedule until that happens as the expectation from Dr. Fauci is that by this time next year, the pandemic should essentially be over.

As it is now, all CFL regular season and post-season are already available via streaming in almost every part of the world. Instead of trying to break existing deals and then splitting the revenue between themselves, the producer, and streamer for the chance that the diehards will cough up $100, I think it would be a better idea for teams to offer to fans more types of perks/merchandise that you can get for that much money.