Willing to go PPV if no fans in 2021?

I would be willing to pay an additional fee for 2021 incase we can't have people at the games in 2021. I think there would be interest from others if we can't go.

MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL have some sort of supplemental pay per view. Don't know what the fee should be but I was thinking in the $80 to $100 for the season with the money split between the teams. I am sure we could get 400 ,000 to 600,000 subscribers. It's 50 million approx and an additional 5 million per team until we are back to some sort of normal life. Won't need it if we are Covid free or Bell steps up. Any other thoughts?


400,000 to 600,000 subscribers?

that would be amazing.

Just what I was thinking. 40-60 thousand would be amazing. If the money went to the teams for their football operations then yeah, I'd cough up a 100.

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So get rid of the TSN deal/money ?

Not sure how that works .

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Just another revenue option along with TSN.

I am in as long it's reasonable.

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Who produces the game ?

Is the OP thinking of a CFL game day like the other leagues ?

Those leagues have multiple deals with games you cannot get because of conflicting game times unlike the CFL and TSN who have a monopoly .

Some would say paying TSN streaming service is PPV as most TV's have the TSN app now and you can watch all the games .

I would pay for CFL game day and opt out of TSN but not sure there would be enough interest most people watch it for free with their basic service cable /sat provider .

I am good with saying bye TSN . The premise is fine but not the execution .

And likewise, how much is the league willing to pay back to TSN for what will likely be fewer viewership figures and/or subscribers, due to CFL games now available on another channel/media?

All the CFL would have to do is create its own TV channel and get CRTC to offer in with any cable package. They don't have the guts. They rather take the 45 million a year from TSN, fork over every digital, broadcast, radio rights of theirs for 5 million a franchise than to build their brand.

Goddell is correct. They need to step up or sell the entire league to a sports management giant who will do it properly.

I've been a paying fan for decades. Tired of the old BS excuses and the hat in hand every ten years. Players making peanuts while ticket prices increase every year and private owners use their franchises as money laundering and sheltered tax benefit vehicles for themselves and Community owned team cheating the system and exporting every penny earned to outside causes when their own league is held together with gun tape and every time an issue occurs they go running to government.

That is no a viable business model and fans should stop going along with it if they want change and the CFL to grow.


FINALLY ...... A cfl fan posting the truth and not replaying the "Remember When" ad nauseam.

I actually suggested this way back months ago for the 2020 season. I wish they had made it happen :frowning:

I'd happily pay a premium to watch streaming games, even if I have to watch them on ESPN. I just don't see how this couldn't work.

TSN has day passes for 4.99. Ideal for people who don't have a subscription and just want to watch or stream select events i.e. CFL games. If there is a double or even a triple header that price would cover it. Can't see a separate PPV being a better price point than that and the CFL already has income through TSN.

The TSN contract also has a ratings escalator which. Splitting up the audience with PPV would make it much harder if not impossible to reach costing the CFL revenue.

No other leagues that couldn't have fans have had a separate PPV option outside of their contract. With existing options already out there I don't see any way how separate PPV will benefit the league.

Pay Per View makes absolutely no business or fiscal sense for this league to pursue. I don't get why people keep bringing it up as an idea.


people look for simple solutions?

that is one of the simplest to suggest (and yet, toughest to enact)

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So basically everyone that watched the CFL now would pay for it?

Not a chance.

Maybe 100k subscribers

Yeah a solution to losing the league's number 1 revenue source is devaluing their number 2 revenue source, leading to less people watching which very likely hurt their number 3 source of revenue.


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Could the league not just set up pay-per-view for those who want to pay to view and then let TSN broadcast it as normal for the rest of us?

Because it's seen as a magic bullet by those that have very little business sense.

Every single other pro league has its own Network. They must all be stupid.

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Ok Donald!

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