Willie Whitehead

Did anyone else notice ex-Ticat Willie Whitehead subbing into the defensive line for New Orleans in the Saints-Eagles game last week? Is that where he's been the last few years, down in the NFL? Good for him if so. I always loved it when opponents would double-team Joe Montford, only to have Willie smash through the middle for a sack.

Willie has had a very productive 8 year NFL career.
He posted 7 sacks in 1999 with New Orleans.
I see that he is up to 300 pounds.

Lets hope he gets a ring!!

I also see Ex-Cat Nick Harper starting in the defensive backfield for the Colts.


Hey troll!

We aren't gonna feed you.

My sources tell me that when someone starts off with "my source in the xxxxxx organization", therapy should be started

I believe him because everyone knows what the Cats really need right now is a Running Back. :roll:

Twilight zone time here. Were some posts in the middle of this thread deleted?

It moves from 2 bosts congratulating Willie Whitehead to Sig calling out a troll and then two posts with a quote from some Vampiro but no Vampiro post to begin with.

Has SteelTiger made an abortive comeback? Has he already been edited out of existence?

Very confusing to this old man. I'll go back to sleep now. Wake me when its time.

Deletion of a post does appear to be what would make the most sense. And this post that appears to have been deleted appears to be in a quote in another post here. And I have seen the exact same post that was in that quote in another thread, so perhaps it was deleted because it was redundant. It also might have been deleted as it did not relate to this topic. So that post appearing in this thread could have been deleted because it was redundant, off-topic, or a troll. Interesting, three of the four things that moderators on Slashdot will get you for, all in one post.


And to keep this on-topic, I'd like to see it is good to see this former Ticat go on to do well in the NFL. But he was not a Ticat for long, was he? Wasn't he only here in 1997? And how many games did he play here?

In any case, this is good to see.

I know, I don't get it. Buh-wa is going on?

I know Whitehead was around at least one more season after that cuz he played in the '98 Cup. I saw Montford at an open practice in Winnipeg that year and asked him what he was going to do to Garcia on Sunday. He said "I'm gonna sick Willie on him."


I think Joe was referring to me. The year before I was spotted getting Garcia to pound beers in and around Edmonton at Grey Cup.


Willie Whitehead - bring him to Hamilton!!