Willie Qunnie Done for the year

http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/ to bad could of been a good factor this years but best of luck to him in his recovery and also Alexarderd gauither is also hut with a mild knee sprain

Two bad Ticats will put on IR for Year and bring him back next year Maybe

The Cats don't have to pay Quinnie by putting him on IR. They just have to cut him.

He didn't have a chance of making the team, anyway. We already cut him once two years ago. He is not the deep threat/KR we are looking for.

Good luck Willie see you next spring. :thup:

i thought he had a legit chance of making it. if the cats staff didn't think he did why was he there?

That’s horrible news. Best wishes for a full recovery. I think Willie had a good shot of making the team.

I don't think the team can cut him if he is hurt.

Agreed I think Agreement with CFLPA Prevents this .
so they put him on IR and won’t count on the cap this year

They still have to pay him though for the season.

You are unable to cut an injured player.

I thought you could cut any player in TC. IIRC, TC players are NOT paid...

Get well soon to all our injured players.

That's a shame for Willie. Who knows if he would've made the team but there are still 17 receivers competing at camp. I doubt Quinnie was one of the front runners for a starting job.

All the best to him, looked ok to me at times but tough competition.

The rule is that a team cannot cut an injured VET. Only injured rookies can be cut. That applies for camp and the regular season.

Quinnie was in the Hammer in 06 for 8 games so that makes him a full vet.

As well, his salary does not count against the cap, nor would he take up a roster spot if he's on the 9-game injured list.