Willie Poole

Wondered what happened to him and Google informs me that on May 25, 2011 that he signed with the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL ( joining Adam Tafaralis)

Does anyone know, or can anyone recall why he left the tabbies so abruptly after leaving the boatmen with Shivers?

Wonder why he didn't come back to Hamilton, or the CFL. http://www.ticats.ca/article/poole-shiv ... g-together


It was almost a year ago to the day, four or five days after the final cutdown date and a couple of days prior to the first game of the season -- announced as "Released for personal reasons."

He was looking at Retirement I've spoke to him many times ..

Glad to see he's still going to play

He was looking at Retirement I've spoke to him many times ..

Glad to see he's still going to play

He gave me the 411 but I won't post here out of Respect to Ticats and Will .

Hi Onknight:

I respect your loyalty, but that's not nice....teasing us ..and then not telling us the story!!!!

If you want to know what Happened Ask me at a Game.

He is playing Mountain lions and Seem to very happy
He a great Guy Think I'll be Cheering him and Adam

Sorry, but I fail to see the logic here. You won't post it out of respect, but you'll tell a complete stranger... who can then just post it on here themselves and say that you told them?

Look, I couldn't care less what happened to the guy, but in saying that you won't say, you are just asking for people to want to know. Once you tell someone, it will be out. It's not like you can make them swear an oath or anything. If you're willing to tell people (strangers) anyway, I don't understand why it matters whether it is on an Internet forum or in person. The end result is the exact same.

Blogkee I am telling people who Knew Will and Knew me
it only 1 side of the story It would fair for me Post just his side.

It's just an internet board, and I'm sure people are big enough and smart enough to take anything posted with a grain of salt, and I'm sure we are also wise enough to determine how many sides of a story are being told. This ain't a royal commission. :expressionless:

Am I the only one who really doesnt' care what the story is?

He was released by the team either for their reasons or for his. He is playing again so he's obviously ok. That's all I need to know. Good luck to him.

He told me also and anyone that has ask, his ex wife was screwing him for Child support at the time and he had to go work things out as a real man would. He could not leave the USA because of this, but has since work thing out! No big secret! Tons of people go threw it!

If everything's ok, I wondered if a DB with his CFL (and NFL experience) might be valuable to the Tiger-Cats who seem to be hurting finding experienced personnel for that position. He'll be 30 next month.

I could ask Willie this weekend, when I play golf with him, if he minds us sharing details of his life.

Wait - on second thought, I almost forgot - my other pal Joe Montford is staying over at my place since he's in town for the ceremony at Friday's game. And I also have to drive Ang Mosca to his doctor's appointment. Maybe I can get my buddy Kevin Glenn to take care of that, since he'll be babysitting my kids anyway.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Good one Cap'n.

Tina...I'm with you....I don't care what the reason is.

Time goes forward.

I don’t understand why ExPat is mocking Bruce13thman and you Kirk are supporting him.

I get the sense that you two think Bruce13th was bragging about knowing Tiger Cats

Telling us Willie Poole told him what his “personal reasons” were for leaving the team
validates the information he posted whether either you think he was bragging or not.


If anyone is jealous because Bruce13thman has developed a bit of a relationship with some of the players
approach players and speak to them yourselves. The Ticats provide many opportunities for you to do that.

He does that often after practices and has established relationships with some of the players.

That may well be the case, Ron and good for him, but maybe Will Poole didn't want his business broadcast all over this site.

If you think my intent was to mock someone - and that's not an unreasonable assumption - you should look a little further back in the thread. My post was more of a cumulative reaction to a long series of past comments.

Thanks Ron as I do take pride in the friendships i have made with team members, im even prouder when they choose my picture or some have ask me to take pictures of them and they use these in the portfolio or facebook profile pics. including AB3, Shakespear, both Carters Barker, even the coach's, and many others. I even did a photo shoot for Jordan last year, regardless what people think of me, I wont mention any names, it is a great feeling when a Pro asks you to do this or takes the time to come over and say hi and becalled by my my 1st name! Oskee Wee Wee!!

There are three Carters. :wink: