willie middlebrooks

He can really Play. I see why kahli carter was let go.

Yes a good pickup, along with Bethel Johnson. But ask many Cat fans and they say the Argos will lose because they are former NFLers. Despite the fact that the Argos won a tough one on the road, while the Cats lost with their former NFLers (Imports).

Argos receiving corp could become a force if they apply themselves. Serious size and speed in that group.

Good point, but it's the QB's that need to get it right in this scenario. The weapons are defenitly there. I'd love to see Printers play with these guys. We would know how good he and they are.

Bethel Johnson is going to be a true stud in this league. Middlebrooks showed some great promise and could be a great addition to the Blue Team

And he (Carter) got into an argument with Stubler. It's never a good idea to argue with the HC because you're gonna lose.

Probably more than any other CFL team, the Argo philosophy is to go with ex-NFLers. It's been said that Adam Rita and Greg Mohns are very well-connected in the US (NFL GMs and coaches and player agents). So they can come up with guys like Bethel Johnson and Willie Middlebrooks.

On the other hand, I'm not sure why McCarthy was selling cars in Hamilton before the Als signed him. Wasn't McCarthy successful in finding some good players for the Cats? This is the kind of thing that ticks me off about the Cats--McCarthy is sitting right under their noses but he ends up with Montreal. Seems a pretty good local boy went West to kick field goals after being unable to get a tryout with the Cats too.

An Argo-Cat fan

Middlesbrook was a good enough prospect to be a 1st round NFL selection.