Willie Jefferson Visiting Argos

According to TSN, Jefferson is visiting the Argos, and the team will be working hard to sign him.

I don’t imagine he’ll come cheap. If it comes down to signing Jefferson or re-signing Walker, which choice would you make?

I think I’d chose Jefferson. Walker is a fantastic receiver, but receivers of similar calibre aren’t that rare. Jefferson is a huge difference maker, IMO.

Toronto has been quietly building up their defense with several signings of top vet CFL DBs.
Jefferson could be the backbone of the Dline if signed longterm as they are rebuilding.
Popp signed several Great Rec but at a big cost. But no one could get them the ball.
So building and forming a younger up and coming CFL olineman to groom and be ready for the day O’Connor takes over at QB of the future.
I would have to guess that Dinwiddie coming from the calgary rec factory with next yung guy up going from nobodys to Stars. He has a roldex of such guys that he knows will have a great chance to grow into said recievers.
Its gona be a process of possibily be a 3 year plan. To build each step each year. They aren’t going to win a GC in 2020.
But With Dinwiddie as HC he has signed two former OCs to his O staff in Jackson who specializes in QBs & McAdoo who specializes in Oline.
Off to a great start.

i'd choose walker as his skillz would put fans in the seats ...
send at least 2 of 3 speedy rec deep each play and tire / stretch the def

Moot point now anyways, as Jefferson re-signed in Winnipeg.

I'd love to have Walker back, though, seeing as how he's still unsigned.