Willie Jefferson IG live celebrating with fans after game for hrs

Willie Jefferson for hours was on IG live talking with fans!

That is one of a million reasons why the CFL is awesome.


Simoni was doing the same tonight.

Wonder if they chatted lol...

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This guy is worth every penny and then some. He's the most dominant pass rusher in a looong time, great leader, teammate and sells the city & sport.

He's great with the adult fans, but takes time to chat with the younger ones too!


Willie Jefferson more than any other player worries me in the Grey Cup game. He was a huge part of their win in 2019.


The whole Bomber defense ought to worry you. Imagine how much easier things will be for teams with shabby offensive lines after the rest of the league picks our bones clean in the off season. The Tabbies get waaay better before next June's opening 'Grey Cup' rematch. Maybe it'll be our turn to worry.

Kudos to Willie Jefferson! He's got a big heart! :smiley: :+1: