Willie Fells - Gone

Willie Fells has left the Blue Bombers after being dissapointed by being placed on the Bombers practice roster. Too bad...he'll be picked up by another team quickly, and will help them out immediatley.

he's a quitter it sounds like. not a team player. good player though...

hope he dosen't come back to haunt us.....and if Wickman gets hurt there's gonna be a lot of second guessing....I hate to see him go.....

Shivers is probably on the phone right now from a Casino in Vegas! Did they not need help in their linebacking core.

Nooooooooo, Willie, come backkkkk. Not a team guy for walking out however.

you know there are moves and there are moves......happens all the time in sports.....but when I get an uneasy feeling about one of these MOVES....it usually come back to hit us where it hurts....et/el.....Brian Clark.....Geroy Simon.....the guy now burning it up for TO......hurts so bad I can't say his name.......come back Willie...

Hey remember the three guys we sent you for a bag of laundry sorry Khari you are a good guy. But right now from that trade we got nothing. Willie is avery good player and it is not like him to leave like this. He must be at odds with the coaches for him to walk like this. And thanks I sure like Clark!

i know we totally stole three key player of the 05' bombers from the stamps last year, especially since the stamps dumped khari and bowles

Ouch that hurts! But Flemming stated he was not going to be in a Stamp uni after the season. The one that hurt us most is Lysak and then Scotty. Now if that was not a desperate trade to save a job. Did not work though.

Lets not forget Petersen & McGarity..............then again lets.

Ya that a nightmare for sure! Mcgarity is probably working at a gold course trying to catch golf balls being chucked his way and Peterson we all know where he is sfor now but I imagine this is his last stop.