Willie Amos traded for Doug Browns brother...

.....AND I'M NOT KIDDING....this guy is a huge o lineman from the schmoes....6'8'....348.....and a very good athelete....Thaddeus Coleman comes to the Bombers for a promising db.,Willie Amos....I also watched a clip of Coleman....this guy dwarfs everyone on any d line and is quick for a big man....I think our qbs. just breathed a little easier with this acqusition.......Could the signing of Walls be very far behind with the exiting of Amos........ :roll: ...The BigBlue are looking more solid everyday :thup: :rockin:

It better mean you are signing Walls…and even with him, you might be getting a tad thin in the secondary…I liked Willie Amos, thought he was a good one; don’t know anything in particular about the new lineman you’re getting.

If you agree that you are getting thin in the secondary, would you like Stanford Samuels back? Make me an offer !!

Getting Walls here would of course be nice...but I think we're still quite ok in the secondary...Willie Byrd, Brandon Stewart, have both been looking pretty good all the times I've been to camp. All 3 Johnsons look ok. Jovon's had some rough times, though. IIRC he started slow last year and really came on later. Keyuo Craver and Darrius Battles are doing well too...I think the secondary will be solid, especially behind the monster d-line we seem to be putting together...

Must have been a south wind yesterday. :wink:

All this player movement is really starting to make my head spin.

However, like kubie said, the secondary is looking good and this is just another sign that the new recruits are out performing the old guard.

The oline is a work in progress, mostly the RT spot. I don't think anyone thought it would be easy to replace Goodspeed.

The secondary is looking good, if you forget about Shawn Gallant getting absolutely undressed by Jon Oosterhuis in a one on one drill yesterday...OUCH! lol

,,,,NO THANX on the Stanford Samuels offer, MadJack.....been there done that :lol:

Amos was battling an injury problem all t.c.....could be that Kelly wanted to get something for him as he 'could' have lost his spot to a rook.....Some of these guys mentioned in a previous post by Kubie are looking pretty solid....We'll see how Coleman works out before giving this trade a final assessment...in any case....what a tag-team Brown and Coleman would make....big boys.. :lol:

This trade further weakens an already questionable Bomber secondary, and also speaks to the fact that the Bombers still aren't happy with their O-Line, which is also a questionable unit.

Amos actually is not bad. The Bombers are in trouble, folks.

I'm not so sure about whether or not they're in trouble........want to see a game or two first, to see how things are coming together (or to see if they aren't coming together at all).

Questions at QB, secondary, and O line.

But........a good defensive line (which they surely have) and good LBing (which again, they've got) can mask a lot of problems in the secondary........as in, if the secondary guys aren't providing good coverage on dowfield receivers, it'll matter not a thing if the opposing QB is on his back every other play.....

Second 'but'........the QBing is a question mark, but with the Bombers' receiving corps and running backs, they don't need a star at QB.....just someone who is reasonably competent. As long as whoever is the QB can get the ball to the backs and the receivers and let them do their thing, the offence should be no worse than adequate, and potentially much better than that.

Third 'but'...............for that to happen, the line has to give the QB protection........so the O line, for me, is the biggest question mark in Winnipeg. If they do the job, the Bombers will be competitive most games...........if they don't, the Bombers will bomb.

Can't have a day without a trade in the peg... :wink:

Our secondary will be just fine, lots of talent in camp and the best man will win the job, as mentioned Amos was good last year but has been battling injuries all of TC and probably would've lost his spot to someone else. great pick up for the BB'S. Also i don't think it's a matter of the Bombers not having faith in the oline or dline they have (as someone mentioned), any team would love to bring in a 6'8 monster of a lineman for a potentially injury proned DB/CB. We have plenty of talent to replace Amos, so i am not worrying one bit, as for the Bombers being in trouble on in two, i think you should worry about your Ti-Cats before knocking our Bombers, we'll see our secondary rip off Porter, Glenn ETC. on Wednesday, we will also see Lefors and your former QB Williams air out the ball all night against your WEAK secondary and DLINE. You're team has many more question marks and concerns than the Bombers do, so Cats in the Basement again "YES" and the BB'S will surprise alot of sceptacle fans and fans of other teams. You are still the "Toothless Tabbies", so who is in trouble this year? you will see, don't cry when you lose 12-14 games again!

....As it stands now.... I think the Bombers offence ,even with a green qb., will out-class the Cats and Argos...Kenton Keith with his injury prob. ain;t gonna help their cause.....I also hear that Gauthier has pulled up lame....that isn't good news for the Cats... Anyway ...I would think the hammer will stay ahead of the Argos this year (which isn't saying a whole lot)...The east title will be bewteen the Als. and Bombers....The BigBlue are unpredictable and and unknown right now....but there is too much talent on the club to ignore....The cream WILL eventually rise to the top :thup: :rockin: ....

I really liked amos, but coleman looks like a monster and it looks like arius was right about january, he got lit up in the scrimmage.

as for the secondary, they all look very good... Willie Byrd has looked good but is inconsistant... dont think he will make the team... Good guys who are consistant include

Darrius Battles
Brandon Stewart
John Eubanks
Ronyell Whitaker
James Johnson
Keyuo Craver
Jovon Johnson

The secondary looks about three times as good this TC then the past 3 years. and about 8 times as good as 2005... lots of them are big guys to... Lenny Walls im sure will be an excellent add when he gets here.

Not a lot of experience in that backfield at least not a lot of CFL experience. Risky...

...Johnson ...Craver ....Johnson.....all have CFL experience.....Walls when he gets here???? also experienced.... :wink:

.....Eubanks looks like a keeper....I like these dbs. compared to 08's edition....and we still made the post season... :wink:

(Not a lot of experience in that backfield at least not a lot of CFL experience. Risky...)

HFXTC - you seem to live for needling Bomber fans...what gives?

Yes papa but none of the ones you name have ever been what you would call a 'star'.........save for James Johnson's Grey Cup MVP game.

It doesn't look to me as strong as what you had last year. But I could turn out to be wrong........won't be the first time.

Who's playing safety for you this year?

And.......HFxtc needling someone? Say it isn't so !!

....that's a tough one to answer buffalo.....you'd think the Als. (his team) were trouble free (not)...so he has to spend his time on our site....He also likes the Cats and is worried that the Bombers maybe better than he'd like.....He;s gonna be in for a rude awakening in 09.......so we'll just entertain him for now ...and then put the 'hammer' down.... :lol:

.....Safety and a lot of other d positions haven't been finalized yet....I;ll wait till Kelly puts the final touches to the roster and we'll get a better idea....??????otherwise i'll put my foot in my mouth.... :wink: :lol:

Oh I'm sure things are far from finalized.......I was just wondering who is being worked out at safety................

You honestly can't tell at this point, even linebackers have been dropping into deep coverage, it's just bodies flying everywhere.