Williams should start..
from what I've seen of him in the few times he has been in there,last year and this year..he gives us our best chance to win at this time.
he has a better arm than both and he is faster than both QB'S ahead of him,and he does have "game"..
Chang is just to raw and wild..he has the "happy feet" and a wild arm from what I've seen so far of Chang

I really like williams. Im glad they kept him around opposed to King&Butler.

Overall If Maas gets the hook the job should go to Chang. If Chang starts to tremble then I'd love to see Ritchie get the chance. In his limited playing time last & this year he's looked pretty good. He could easily be a 2nd string in this league opposed to 3rd string.

Is this the first of many Chang vs. Williams threads...? Chang is the #2 QB and I just don't see Williams getting the start before he would, but I would like to see him play as well. Let's face it, we've now entered the 2008 pre-season, and both of the back ups should be getting a good chunk of playing time (although Chang should start). Who knows, maybe Williams can upstage Chang.

Agreed. If and when the Ticats decide to shorten the leash on starter Jason Maas or to give another quarterback a start or two, Timmy Chang will be the next man up. However, the team should also give some meaningful game reps to Richie Williams during the remainder of the season: he is elusive in the pocket and he has a good arm. The Ticats need to see whether Chang and/or Williams have the potential to help this team win in the near future. Even if Jason Maas' playing time becomes somewhat reduced, perhaps he can provide some mentoring to these two young quarterbacks.

Williams has been productive every time he's been in.
This kid can run and he's got a great arm on him.
He just needs a chance to prove himself.