Williams would have likely beat Owens' record

If you take all of his yardage (He has more in every category than Owens) and he returns 2 kickoffs a game 20 yards, he beats Owens' record set tonight that everybody was making a huge deal over.

If he returns kicks all season like Owens, he smashes it.

Of course you have to actually make the plays, and his chances of injury go up by returning kickoffs, but Williams had a VERY special year and didnt return 1 kickoff.

Amen Crash.

And why not? To prevent injury or fatigue?

Several players have don the job. Owens would have been been a mere asterisk beside Williams had they let him do the job on Kick-offs as well.

Oh well...next year. LOL

You take away Owens nearly 1600 kickoff return yards (with a pedestrian 22 yard average) and he’s about 400 yards behind Williams. I hope people don’t put too much stock in the overall yardage numbers, as a good chunk of it was simply because he returned more kickoffs than anyone else. He was average returning kickoffs and punts this year. He should not be the East Special teams winner, nor the MOP.

And, if they'd tossed the ball his way a little more in the final game, Williams would have been the top receiver in the league this year. With just 4 catches in Toronto, he ended up just 30 yds behind Owens. And Fantuz could have used another catch or two as he ends up 29 yds. shy of a 1000-yd. season. So, the Cats saved some bonus bucks which can go into their improve the D spending account.

Would have, could have, should have...

Imagine if Williams broke the records while his team was on the way to the bottom of the league. Individual statistics are fine and dandy but should the performance of the team be put on the forefront?

I guess the old saying "statistics are for losers" sums up the Ticats this year.

And the old saying "defence wins championships" is true too.

Would we not have been put in a better position to win more games with the additional Williams kick-off return yardage?

Hey, give Owens some respect. He has more receiving yards than Williams........and after last night, he has more passing yards than Williams too :wink:

Owens lays it out there when he plays, but, he probably is the only guy that has more fumbles than Henry Burris.

Both are super players with different styles. Agree though Williams could have easily been the leader if more opportunities were provided but that is fine, you don't want to burn him out and increase injuries, fine line there.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda... it's all sour grapes IMO. With the number of touches that Owens gets to achieve nearly 4000 all- purpose yards, you've got to be a extremely durable player to withstand the type of punishment he endures over the course of a season. Owens has proven that durability over three seasons with the Argos and his body type is a factor - lots of muscle mass packed on 5' 8" 180 lb. frame.
Williams is quicker, faster than Owens but at 5' 9" and 155, he is not built to sustain the type of punishment that Owens takes. The Ti-Cats are using Williams as he should be used IMO to maximize his value to the team while minimizing the chances of his talents being lost altogether due to injury.
Give credit where it's due: Owens has surpassed a record that many believed would never be surpassed in all of pro football. By way of a reminder, Jim Barker traded a FOURTH round pick to the Alouettes for Owens.

Didn't realize that about Owens being traded for a 4th rounder. That was one excellent trade the Argos made.

And Obie traded Prechae Rodriguez for Chris Williams.

What is Williams contract situation? I would guess if he is a free agent he would be eyeing the NFL.

Williams is in the option year of his contract, which the club will most certainly exercise.

What is most disconcerting, is that we may never see Williams play LIVE again, as the Cats are homeless this upcoming season and CW may be elsewhere subsequent to that.

Unlikely an NFL will take a risk on a guy that's 155lbs.

There are more than a few receivers/KR's/PR's and even CB's currently in the NFL who are under 175lbs and/or 5'9 or less.

a few miniscule but talented players such as:

Trindon Holliday - 5'5 160lbs
Brandon Banks - 5'7 155lbs
Isaiah Trufant - 5'8 170lbs
Dextyer McCluster - 5'8 170lbs
Andrew Hawkins - 5'7 175lbs
Desean Jackson - 5'10 175lbs
Stephan Logan - 5'6 180lbs

..and many others who are between 5'6 - 5'8 although weigh more than 175 lbs.

It would not be implausible that Williams could potentially gain a spot on an NFL roster.

Williams' fumbles and sometimes questionable hands will keep him out of the NFL more than his size. He is very small by most standards, let alone those for a football player, but he is quicker than a hiccup and the NFL, more so now than ever, is about speed and mismatches; Williams is a matchup nightmare and he could be a very dangerous returnman without really needing to play offense (think the early career of Devin Hester).

We'll get a very indication if he has interest down south this off-season. The Cats would be stupid not to offer him an extension, so if he doesn't get one, that likely means he knows he can get a crack down south and will try one more time to make the NFL (he's had shots in the past). Whether he makes it or not is anyone's guess.

As he signed after the latest CBA came into effect, the option year is only an option for the team, and as you say, the team would be nuts to allow him to leave before it's done. The important question is how much the team would offer him in an extension beyond next year, and whether Williams would re-sign vs. trying for a spot in the NFL with no guarantee of a pay cheque. I suppose that depends on what he thinks his chances are of landing a roster position down there. A PR spot wouldn't pay as well as what he'd make here, but a roster spot would pay a lot more - if he can get one.

Blogskee - Couldnt disagree with you more about CW hands stopping him from going to the NFL. The fumbling is a problem but his hands equal anybody on the team. Fantuz dropped a lot and Stala, a WR as far as I am concerned since he dosent block, did not live up to his "sticky" nickname this year. CWs last TD reception of the year showed good hands. Yes I am biased since CW is the reason I follow the team, he went to the same high school as my son Chris.

The problem with Hamilton was the defense, kickof coverage, and inconsistent QB play. Burriss had good stats but didnt provide consistent play every week. Plus the play calling in some games was a mystery, especially toward the end of the season, CW not used enough in the offense. I think there is a lot of parity in the CFL, much more so than the NFL. I didnt see any teams the Cats could not beat.

After the option year on CWs contract he has to ask himself if he wants to stay in the CFL and make good money and have a 10 year career and put up unbeliveable stats or try the NFL and make great money but not be guaraqnteed of a roster spot. The NFL taking away the kickoff return hurt his chances. After watching both leagues this year the most exciting I have been is watching CW return punts, I say he is the most exciting player in pro football!

Good luck to the Cats in the future, I enjoy being on this website and reading all of the post, when will next years playing location be figured out? Seems like something that should be known already.