Williams was robbed!

HOW could he not be offensive player of the week??????????????????
Pierce had a good game.....but REALLY??????????????

Pierce had a great game and orchestrated a terrific 2nd half comeback victory. Kudos to Pierce and Williams for two outstanding performances.

Pierce had a great game, not a good game, a GREAT game. You don't 81.5% completion percentages don't happen every day. He led Winnipeg back in the second half, and he threw three TDs and over 350 yards.

Williams had an amazing game, but I can't really quibble about Pierce being named Offensive Player of the Week.

IMO, 180 yards receiving is bigger than 360 yards passing, but I'm probably biased.


Someone's gotta hit Buck again. Hard. Until then, Pierce can do this week after week. My cash is on the Bummers again this week, before they had an emotional rallying point they still had Pierce. This guy is a champion.

RIP Coach Harris.

Me too. Difference between the two games was Pierce is a quarterback and Williams isn't. The soldiers win the battle while the generals take the credit. Quarterbacks win everytime when it's close, and man it was close.

Exactly. There were two very deserving candidates this week in Pierce and Williams. Had Williams won, you'd probably be hearing the same complaints in the Bombers forum that were are hearing here. Neither guy would have been "robbed" as much as neither guy was a slam dunk.

But as with everything in football, tie goes to the quarterback.

Don't forget Fred Stamps. He single-handedly beat Calgary.

Also, the pun I just wrote was not intentional.


Buck didn't win just because he threw 3 TD's. He didn't win just because he had an 81.5% completion percentage. He didn't win just because he orchestrated a come from behind win on the road vs. a tough defense. He didn't win just because he threw for over 350 tough yards. Buck won because he had the best overall offensive performance of all players in all the games this weekend.

Honourable mention to Fred Stamps and Chris Williams who had outstanding games.

I agree, but I am not surprised. These guys are right. QB will always win even if it is only the blue team he is beating.

Williams may not have been robbed on the player of the week award. But something I consider to be beyond dispute is that he was robbed by not making it onto the CFL's "Top 10 Plays of Week 4" video recap.


Hamilton actually does OK, with plays by Stala and Bruce making the list. In fact, 4 of the 10 plays are from the Hamilton-BC game. As I watched, even when it got to number 1, I thought surely this would be the big pass & run play by Williams. Nope. Not in the top 10 at all. Lots of routine/uncontested catches in there though.

Oh well, I'll take the win.

Probably left off because video replay, from the opposite side, showed that he should have been called down, after just a short gain, because his knee touched the ground.

I agree William's may not have been offensive player of the week, but I also noticed he was not in the plays of the week not only on the CFL website but also on either TSN or Sportsnet.

The whistle didn't go after he was hit, so he was not down in the first huge play. I also thought some of his other catches could have been considered. If not this catch, then the catch on the third TD the Ti-Cats scored when he bounced off of about 5 BC players on his way to the endzone was certainly notable, and worthy of a top 10 compared to some of the others.

Hopefully he will continue to make highlight reel plays, and get some more respect.

Have to admit, that one handed catch by Stamps was pretty sick.