Williams' two-phased performance shines in win over Als

MONTREAL- While it may sometimes be an overlooked area, Ticats’ return man, Frankie Williams reminded those in attendance at Percival Molson Stadium why he was the Most Outstanding Special Teams Player in 2019.

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The Montreal Alouettes failed to take advantage of 6 key sacks by it's Defence in Week 4. The Cats jumped out to an early 10-0 lead in the first quarter, the Als closed the gap to 13-10 at halftime. They were unable to score in the second half. My game ball goes to Frankie Williams who had 184 yards in punt & kick returns. His 4th quarter pick with 12:30 on the clock,

set the Als up in scoring position for their 2nd touchdown which sealed the deal !

I am so happy that the Tiger Cats won, but I am still concerned about their lack of offence and O-Line. Luckily Evans did not get hurt - but he could have on any one of those 6 sacks. I think Banks has alos turned the corner - he played well and he could have added to the score if it wasnpt for a poorly thrown ball. But hey, its a win and we are back on track - here's hoping! Oskii-wee-wee!

PS - I won't mention anything about the number of flags thrown - almost ruined the game for both teams. WOW!

Considering the Cats were everyone's pick, including mine, to dominate this year & play in the GC @ home, they certainly looked the part in this game. But, over the 2 game losing streak, I began to wonder why. The OL was so mediocre they played 6 OL @ times. Still a problem. Ryker Matthews & Filer are gone. Their National receivers have no depth & scare nobody. Mike Jones would look good there now, no? They were decent @ running the ball by committee in '19. Thomas-Erlington looked good yesterday & may turn out to live up to the potential he showed in '19 before injury. Or - he may turn out to be Jesse Lumsden. Can't take anything away from the victory. But I'm not as high on them as I was when the year began. As for the Als, they looked great vs the Alberta teams but Adams was 36/73 passing in those games. May take a while to sort out who's who in the league. Makes it awfully interesting though.

We have yet to see our top draft pick Jake Burt who could be a difference maker when he gets into a game or two.
Mike Jones was often hot and cold - Dropped a SURE TD practically on the goal line in the GC for example that might not have won he game but sure would have made the scoreboard look better. And who knows - it might have been a game changer - forget just when the play occurred so it may have been too late in the game to change the outcome.
With STE and Kalinic - and potentially Burt - we may not need the other national receivers to be anything special. STE and Kalinic were responsible for two of out three TDs last night.

Right now the 7 Nationals are S, DT, 3 OL, WR & RB. If Laurent is out, Bennett likely moves in @ DE replacing who - Davis, Howsare? A National is playing LT because the Cats don't have any imports there or because they want to play 4 imports @ WR, as happened this game. Not having 2 pretty good National receivers hurts them elsewhere. As for Jones, I'm sure he was released for more than 1 dropped pass. Seems to me there were a lot of missed passes that game. He did have 841 yds in 2018. Regardless, my only point is you can't look at the National receiver depth & say it's great. When you compare it to any team in the West, it's way worse. In fact, the Argos & arguably the Als have better talent there. It can end up biting you. I expect the Cats may have to play 3 imports on OL to solve their issues there. I'll be interested to see how they deal with their Nationals going forward. Hopefully, the Cats have turned things around.