Williams to Mtl for Knapton

Lions needed Dline help, nice trade for Hervey, Williams was a dud in BC

And Montreal gets slightly older. Just what they need.

Any other declining vets out there for them to bring on board?

Smart trade by Hervey getting getting value for Williams - Horrible trade for Kavis since he could have just waited for BC to release Williams and get him at a cheaper contract.

Liking Montreal doing a little bargain hunting.

Commented about Williams being on the same field as Ernest Jackson again and now I am thinking there might also be a Tommy Condell connection from the Hamilton days. Montreal will have a good receiving corp to go along with 2 good running backs. Add a little Zach to that and who knows.

I see Knapton as equivalent to Roh who may not be back. Could be a very good fit for the Lions.

Nice win win in the making.

There is no connection between Condell and Williams. Williams got his release from the Ticats after a nasty court fight and was gone by the time Condell coached his first game in Hamilton.

Facepalm Kavis

Williams was ineffective and the Lions already have some excellent receivers. Knapton will help but I don't know if that is the kind of help the Lions need. For several seasons the achilles heel for the Lions, in my opinion, has been the Lions' O-line. The QB needs to have sufficient protection to execute a successful passing play. Time and again I have watched the pocket collapse only to see the QB running for his life or having to throw the ball away and sacrifice a down or throw into tight coverage.

I think it is great to have a potent D but if you have a weak running game [which the Lions do] and you have to rely on the pass, the QB needs to have protection so he's not continually being rushed or picking himself up off the grass.

A potent D can keep you in the game but it's not the D that normally puts points up on the board. If the team cannot put points up on the board then it doesn't really matter how strong the D is. It is just my opinion.

FootbalYouBet commented on another thread that it would have made more sense for the Lions to go after an effective O-linesman. That makes a lot of sense to me.

Agree with you. Now older and picking up pieces. Should now stay in basement for years to come!!
Or fold again. Christmas Cheers.