Williams to #2 - Eakin to #3

Why not? Obviously Eakin cant get the job done.

...how about...

Williams to #1
Eakin to #2
Beutjer to #3 (wherever he went, lol)
and Run maas out of town!

Williams to number one. Give him a shot. He can't do any worse than what Maas has done in the last two home games.

Be careful, we've run people out of town before.

maas is no calvillo and will never be! (if thats who u are implying of running out of town)

is there any other QBs Avaliable? like anyone!!!! cuz I dont like any of the 3 running The Hamilton Offence. lol wheres Dan Crowley

I'm not saying run Maas out of town. If he's hurt then rest him. Whatever the causes, something is seriously wrong with the offence, we're not making the playoffs anyway, so why not give the guy a night off and see what this rookie can do.

I think after Williams' brief appearance, he DESERVES more play time, whereas Mass does not. Simple as that.

I too thought Williams looked good.If Peterson had caught that bomb,he would of had a TD.

that was a BOMB alright...the broadcaster said it perfectly...it was 60 yards in the air, not to mention the 50 yard long pass it was...start him next game for sure!

Eakin: How many more times can a guy spit the bit?

Running out of chances....rapidly.

I's like to see Eakin cut, Maas rested (obviously he's injured), Williams start, and a bunch of NFL cuts come in to compete for #3.

Wiliams could be a good one if he gets some playing time. Why not give it to him? This season is a writeoff. Just like last one (sigh).

BC ,please sign Printers and trade #16 Buck Pierce to Ti-Cats. :expressionless:

Bumping Williams to #2 is smart.

Let's see if the guy is worth investing any time in before the Great Overhaul of 2007 begins.

Eakin has blown his opportunities and the franchise is hardly in a position to be patient and nurse this guy along.

We need a development system for 2nd and 3rd string players.....
Practice isn't enough.

Exibition games during the season with other developing players ..
OK oK ,back to my coffee ...
reinvent the game will someone?

Hey Katz,
why didn't you dangle Cavil for DMac?.....
or anybody else? Danny is a good fit to calm the natives unrest and to mentor our younger QB's.
And like I said in another post, future offensive guru?
DMac's team committment and community involvement are in place, and who knows the league's defences better than an experienced QB who has the opportunity to watch from the sidelines? (Sorry Joe, you just don't fit in here)

Williams has a cannon for an arm I'd like to see him play more.

Still he's a deer in the headlights until he gets seasoned.....

only way is to play.

Trade Jason Maas to BC for #16 Bucko!

I Wish but it Not Going to happen
Maas is Damaged Goods..
Every CFL Team Know This..
He Been Beat up all Season..

I will Give Credit for Sticking it out..
It is time to Sit him..
Trade him next Season..
Cause he is Shell Shocked...
He needs to go Else Where and Recover..