Williams....should be traded

You obviously don't go to the game on thursday
or you would have known the difference.

And what Williams is a future allstar because he averaged a 100 a game as a starter?

It’s best to trade him to regina considering they had 80 yards total passing in their last preseason game with the longest pass of the night going for 11 yards. and all that in a preseason game against the most vanilla coverages possible.

They will be completely desperate for a qb by week 4, at the latest.

I didn't go to the game Thursday no, but i know a few pre season games isn't a reason to cut someone. In this league, you need proven backup, especially with our starter

Chris101 wrote:
" And as for Porter we have not a clue in the world, he has shown us nothing."

Chris101: Fer cryin out loud...he scored the winning touchdown Thursday night. Did you miss it?
Its called "potential" and as far as Porter is concerned he showed a lot more of it than Chang or Williams in the two exhibition games. These two have not showed any more potential despite being a year ahead of Porter. I hope he has shown the coaching staff enough to keep him as #3 and a potential #2. Chang and Williams worry me greatly. I am wondering if either one of them have it.

I agree with mr62cats, I paid $2.00 and was
a great game on thursday, And Porter was
poised,in control, and knew what he was
doing. He knew not to throw the ball up
for grabs, not like chang, he can run if
he needs too,but would prefer to throw.
seems to me i wouldn't put he on the
practise squad.

Nothing like a Hamilton QB Debate. Sign Printers...no he's overpaid. Get rid of Chang...no lets keep Chang. I dont think Porter will make the team....Porter is the future. William should get a chance to start....the Ticats should cut Williams.

Its called "potential" and as far as Porter is concerned he showed a lot more of it than Chang or Williams in the two exhibition games.
Is this the same guy who threw an interception on his very first CFL throw???

Too bad Williams is NOT a proven qb in this league.

whoknows :smiley:

Also Chang and Williams were not scouted by
Obie, Porter was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Think about it !!!(what does
printers,preice,jackson have in common)

Porter did not show more than Chang or Williams and is not ready to play in this league. He earned a roster spot and is a guy who they can develop then see if he’s ready to make that next step next year.

Its really hard to judge without being at tc. I am not a huge williams fan but I think he will stick in the three. The decision was probably made BEFORE the last exibition game.

Chang was most definately scouted by every team in this league, and Williams also because he went to Ap state, a team that is a powerhouse in NCAA2 football.

They should keep Williams Porter and Printers
I'd Rather Cut Chang lose..
but They'll keep all 4. 3 Active 1 Practice.

Maybe we should sign the kid then.... All kidding aside I totally disagree with you.... I think Williams has played well when given the chance, and he has the potential to one day be a starting QB.... He has much more ability than he's shown this Preseason....

Kid Peters Said the ticats would keep 10 WR's
8 are Active now so that means two on Pracitce Roster

I think They will be
WR Earnest Jackson
WR Prechea Rodriguez

The have WR Laurent Lavigne-Masse Go back to school in Fall and have him back next year

Football buff wrote:
"Is this the same guy who threw an interception on his very first CFL throw???"

Buff: I think you are focussing on the wrong guy here. We have two QB's who have yet to show they can be the #2 or #3 QB and they both have a year of experience with this team. Can anyone say right now these are the two this team wants to keep? I don't. Enter Porter. I'd say he is worth a serious look based on his play Thursday night.
If it takes an interception to get this guy straight..and go on to win the game...thats OK with me. There are no immediate saviours. I think Porter is worth some development ahead of Chang and Williams.

Actually, Richie Williams is a year younger than Porter. Porter has been around the NFL block. I would say Williams has the most potential of all and has shown he is the 2nd best thus far.

R.W.= a proven Journeyman QB imo, He can take the hits and still get it done. Ive got to see Chang do it during the season. Porter has potential . Its too early to make a decision on the three backup qb,s, Keep them all around for 2008, Maybe 1 could be trade_bate at playoff time? (maybe Printers will end up the odd man out???

IMO Porter looked like the more experienced QB Thursday night. Boston College has turned out some good ones.

Williams had a lot of happy feet going and looked like a raw rookie. I don't think he's ready for prime time yet. Maybe never.

Chang did all the holding for Setta, so that might be an inkling he will be kept and Obie thinks he can play eventually.
The best thing that could happen for these kids is for the Ticats to hire Danny McManus full time as their QB coach.