Williams....should be traded

Yes...I know that Richie played better than the starting QB last season. But..how has he progressed this year ? He has not looked good at Camp. He did poorly in preseason game one...and looked absolutley "lost" in preseason game two.

Printer's will go down with injury...at some point { if history repeats itself } this season, hopefully for no more than one or two games, if we are lucky. And if the race in the east with our Cats is tight..one or two games may be the differance between a play-off spot, or not.

With that being said...Williams should be traded.
He has not shown anything that would earn himself a number 2 or 3 QB spot on the roster, with the talent of Chang and Porter behind him. :thup:


everyone keeps talking about trading guys instead of cutting them. This is roster cut down day and its pretty hard to get anything for someone who everyone knows you have to release anyways. I am not saying they will release williams but I dont see us trading someone we have to cut and getting anything. The fourth qb will be on practice roster, we almost always have a fourth of some kind on there and if he gets plucked from it then so be it, he is our fourth after all. I dont think richie can start full time in this league but I do think he can fill in and manage games ok. Thing is with obie is often times if you arent a potential starting qb in this league he doesnt want you. He looks for three guys who can and will start in the league and richie probably will never be a full time starter.

Thing is with obie is often times if you arent a potential starting qb in this league he doesnt want you.
You are right Beetlejuice....I should have said...Williams should be Cut, and I think he will be. { Traded just sounds nicer }


You're kidding right ?... In your opening post you admitted that Richie was our best QB last year and now you want to Cut him based on two PreSeason Games.... No Way....

New person here listening to ticat and Canadian football....but why not keep him and trade him later in the season? 2 PreSeason games doesn't make for a bad season.

2 words.. dumb thread :wink:

Trade Williams?

To quote Ron FTT
" Make your words soft ,you may have to eat them"

None of the Cats backup QBs have done enough to get much interest on the trade front. It's a non-starter.

An Argo-Cat fan

SJ -
Personally, If we are going with last season and the preseason this year, I'd rather have someone who was quite competent during the regular season and not preseason (Williams) than someone who a) is a preseason star and couldnt hit the broadside of a barn in broad day light with a shovel (Chang) in the regular season or b) never played a meaningful down in the CFL (Porter)

No Barney, they are non-starters.

Now that Desjardins is back in Montreal, maybe we could get something substantial in return for one of our back-up QBs.

No he shouldn't.

If we cut or trade Richie it will convince me that we STILL have no idea how to evaluate talent.

Indeed. No other team in the league has a glaring hole in their depth chart at QB that they would have to spill a DT in desperation to land a Cat backup. Crandell may be perceived as the weakest starter in the league by some, but Durrant and Jyles are two guys Regina seems comfortable with developing as backups.

You are not going to generate much buzz with a trade as conceived here.

Oski Wee Wee,

I don't know what to think about Williams. I disagree with this "oh he had a bad night" justification. A bad play here and there...OK. But a bad night? That should never happen and when it does its a sign of big problems.
William showed some promise last year when he came on after the disastrous Chang experiment. So how much stock do we put into that? What has Chang showed to far this year? Not much as far as I can see. Maybe neither of these two are up to par. I was very impressed with how Porter looked during the short time he was in there. He looked at ease and certainly did the job. I can't see him being relegated to the practice squad. He seems to have more potential than either Williams or Chang.
So...based on what I have seen so far since last season.... I would leave Williams as #2, give Porter lots of reps as #3 and get rid of Chang or put him on the practice squad. I think the warnings in the scouting reports we saw last season were accurate.
I defer to the coaching staff of course but I hope they don't just use the "experience" factor to keep Chang and Williams in the regular line up. I would want to see how Porter develops with the same "experience" and then decide.

Maybe we could trade Richie for a certain backup QB out west who apparently looked pretty good in his recent exhibition game. I think his name was "Maas" or something.

You should be banned for that post alone!!

Oh the horror :twisted:

Jyles should not be in this league, he is just a flat out horrible, brutal qb with no potential at all. From what I saw he has no feel for the game, is not even close to being accurate enough, locks in on his receivers. And considering Tillman found Durrant he's probably just as bad.

Regina needs a qb and they need a runningback so we should definately swing a deal with them, either Williams or Chang then develop Porter and trade Caulley as well.

NO NO NO NO He should no be..

You're kidding right ?... In your opening post you admitted that Richie was our best QB last year and now you want to Cut him based on two PreSeason Games.... No Way....
Zebo....The high school kid up the street..could have played better than the starting QB last year. Richie Williams has not seemed to be able to bring "his" play, up to the next level...if anything it's going backwards...and for the time he has been with the Club, that should not be...period. He will not develop into starting QB material, or at least,that is what he is showing.. so why keep him ?


Sometimes i think a few of the people on this forum get together and have a crack smoking festival. We are ready to cut Richie because a few poor exhibition games and crown Chang the QB of the future(again) because of one good exhibition game. And this Porter? someone who hasn't even played a down of real football? can i have some of that crack please? The exact same thing happened last year, Chang performed well in the pre season and poor in the regular season, and Williams did the exact opposite. And as for Porter we have not a clue in the world, he has shown us nothing. You would think you people would learn from last year.

Couldn't have said it better.

Soon as I see "We should trade" I guaruntee nonsense will follow.