Williams' Released

according to CJOB...both Tyrone and Ritchie have been dropped.

...Too bad about Ritchie....Tyronne i was expecting....Dorian Smith, who by the way is out-playing Stevie Baggs in my opinion, is the guy of the future...Ritchie had CFL experience....but sad to say his unorthodox style caught up with him...Just goes to prove sometimes....nice guys finish last....Guess we should be happy about Kelly then,,,, :wink:

That's alright, Williams wasn't going to start . he looked okay in mop up time , but you can't base your assessment on qb playing a prevent defence late in a game.

This guy was the best QB on your roster. Much better than Kelly's man crush Lefors, or Brian "one completion" Randall, or even Michael "arm punt" Bishop.

Exactly, Williams only got scout team reps and he still beat the snot out of Lefors and Randall. Idiots (Kelly) never learn I guess.

Talk about letting the wrong QB go :roll: kelly sure isn't very bright, Williams has a sign of more talent then what Lefores will ever have, should not come of no suprise with a guy that lets Armstrong go and Smith among others. A lost season for sure for the Bombers

We’re not missing Smith nor his payroll! Reid and Giles will take care of that position just fine, especially once the “O” can start passing the ball a little more. ARMSTRONG? The guy REFUSED to play because he wasn’t a starter. An injured starter none-the-less! I liked Armstrong, but Kelly had no choice but to let him go! Teams aren’t lining up to grab either of them (last I checked) so looks like every other GM & Coach feels the same way as Kelly did. Are they all “not very bright”?

I will agree that Williams showed potential! Too bad to see him go. I’m not expecting a ton of success with Bishop, but it will be a lot better than Lefors - certainly more exciting :smiley:

So you sitting at home with no pro coaching, scouting, playing and anything else related to pro sports, is a better judge of talent then guys who have spent 30 to 40 years in the game ? Williams was not going to lead us to a Grey Cup, he made some nice plays in a blow out and was moping up. Not like he threw for 3 td's and led us back for a win. We had 5 points with 3 QB's.
Worry about your Riders, there not going any where near the Grey Cup this year.

…IF Ritchie Williams was that great a talent…WHY???did the Cats dump him…He is not a project for the future …unless you want a career back-up…c’mon…The only thing he had going was his CFL experience…we just signed another one with same…so he became redundant… :wink:thems the breaks…tough world is football sometimes

It makes sense. Randall is a future prospect . . . LeFors is Kelly's boy . . . Williams was 3d string and if he couldn't beat out the other 2 to move up the depth chart, then it only makes sense that he was the one to go. Nice guy certainly, but as papa says, it's a tough world.

If your happy with what you have and the moves that have been made then great for you, The Bombers are now the sad sacks of the CFL and will stay that way until Kelly is either tuned in by someone like Buar or he is fired which i believe will happen sometime this year. The season is over for the Bombers before it even started, atleast the Riders have a lot of talent to work with, just have to get the coaching decisions sorted out, one thing i know for sure by the end of the year the Riders will have more wins then the Bombers will. Not Grey Cup material but neither are the Bombers thats for sure

......after the next few games rider, you may want to re-assess your statements....regarding the Bombers and your riders.... :lol: :lol:

Highly doubt it, especially what i see who the Bombers brought into camp :roll: looks like things are really looking up over there, Kelly says today you don't perform your out! maybe after a few more losses and only 1 win maybe he can't perform as a coach and maybe then he should be gone, he seems to be blaming the entire team now, who would want to play for someone like that, it's only going to get uglier

...Never mind what's happening on the Bomber front....I see there is mounting concern by fans, as far as Durant is concerned,,,,Riders allowing the most points scored against ,of any club in 09 thus far, is nothing to write home about...As far as teams go...I think you better check on how many we've allowed... a lot less than the Riders...Kelly also coaches that club..When the offence catches up....look-out... :wink: :lol:

Last I looked the Bombers were the celler dwellers of the CFL get used being in that spot all season :slight_smile: no worries about Durant here, he just needs a decent play book, he will rebound, atleast we can say that, its highly doubtful for anything rebounding in Bomberland, not as ong as Kelly is there

....so cellar dwellers with a better d than yours.....doesn't say much for the green guys....Anyway we have a new gun in town....and weren't afraid to admit that he job on offence wasn't getting done.....I wonder if the Riders will have to admit the same....food for thought my friend....In any case you aren't that far from the cellar yourself... :lol:

isn't being in the Celler in the west like 1st or 2nd place in the east? yeah thought so :rockin:

What does 3 GreyCups get you ? Oh yeah, tied with the U of Queens !

Kind of saw it coming. Tyrone was rendered useless on the club by the play of Dorian Smith and as for Richie, you really couldn't expect Kelly to cut LeFors or Randall. Richie is a good vet QB and I'm sure he'll be scooped up by someone but he really doesn't fit into the plans.

So Kelly keeps Randall and LeFors, who have stunk this year and who have almost no experience, and cuts R. Williams, who has more experience as a starter than the other two combined?

So when Bishop stinks or goes down, it's back to square one.

Another smart move by Kelly!