Williams or Randall?

With Kelly's "fish or cut bait" comments earlier in the week, and with the appearance of Randall and Williams in the game, you gotta believe it's down to those two guys.

I would lean towards Williams, I mean the guy with the LEAST amount of reps with Team 1 moves them the BEST? Plus he's got the most CFL experience out of all 3, and he looks like he's got the same fire, intensity, leadership, etc. that Lefors had (too bad he missed accuracy)

And NO don't bring in Casey Printers, cause the guy is a locker room cancer! I don't think the CFL's ever had a bigger ego case, we don't need him, I don't want him here, leave him wherever he is right now, caus he'll only do the same as he did in Hamilton which was a whole lot of nothing!

Williams. By far.

I had little faith in Bryan Randall as is.. I see potential, but all I ever saw in him as far as being the QB of the present goes was someone who's really fast. But he was even worse than I thought today.. if he gets significant playing time, he'll set some sort of record for interceptions. Unless he misses the target so much he misses the defenders too. I don't mind keeping him around but he's not even close to ready.

I don't think Williams looked good either, though. LeFors is going backwards and I don't have nearly as much faith in him as I once did but if he threw the deep balls that Williams did on a couple of plays then I wouldn't even mind him playing.. he'd make it easier on himself if the defense had to think about the deep ball.. and it's not like either Randall or Williams are going to challenge for East All-Star status anyway..

As for Printers.. his whole lot of nothing in Hamilton is still more than what we're getting out of LeFors, Randall, and Williams here right now..

Bishop without a doubt.

If your going to lean heavy on your defence, then you better have a home run hitter at quarterback because dink and dunk isn't gonna get it done.

.....PRINTERS....this guy on his worst day could've at least completed a pass......sorry guys i'm po'd

You're talking about a guy who didn't have a passing TD until Week 5 or 6 last year??? I mean if that's what you want, KEEP Lefors, he's on pace to break that. Besides we DON'T need Printers ruining our locker room, he'd probably do something stupid like blame a loss on the defense not trying hard enough!

At least Printers threw for 200 yards in half his starts..

If those 200 yards didn't come with like 3 or 4 picks....then maybe you'd think about it.

....no no.......we can also bring in Bruce....the perfect pair ...Printers to Bruce....winning combination....you just have to have a seperate dressing room for the two of them :smiley:

yeah, but even that'll probably get us farther than 80 yards and 2 INTs is going to.. even if you hate Printers you have to say in an average game he can probably throw for 180 and 1 INT.. which, sadly, is better than what we're getting right now

They have to get somebody.

Of what they currently have Williams is the only guy who shows anything but, he won’t be good enough, better start hitting the pavement for a quarterback.

After seeing this team, there is NO WAY Printers comes to Winnipeg to put the final nail in his carreer.

..I don't know about that....IF he could put in a semblance of a performance....he'd have a good d to work with....You know he'd only have to give them a 'little' rest...so far they've been carrying this team...such as it is :wink:

if he doesn't.. the final nail is kinda already there.. he kinda has to go somewhere to continue his career..

Kelly already burned that bridge with Printer's, sorry try again. There's still Glenn... oh yeah!!! He was too crap for you guys so Kelly gave him to us for free. Thanks again, i'm diggin this 2 starting QB's thing :thup:

Glenn wasn't going to do anything here. He had to go. That 2nd and 20 run of 22 or whatever yards he had against the Bombers.. that would never have happened if he was still a Bomber. He just looked afraid all the time here. He's probably better than anything we have but he wasn't going to get it done here.

Better get used to LeFores, Kelly in his interview with TSN threw both Randall and Williams under the bus

"I gave Randall a chance, I gave Ritchie a chance" shrugs shoulders NO word on a dude named Stephan

Oh to be a BB fan these days

Oh Saviour Mike, how art thee

If the choice are Williams, Randall, and LeFors, or even Bishop or Printers, I really don't mind if Kelly wants to stick with LeFors. LeFors' awfulness has a lot to do with Kelly's awful playcalling, not just that he sucks. I haven't given up on LeFors yet.. I'm just pretty close to it.

Too much Kelly Kool Aid..... LeFores is NOT your QB of choice, McCallum has a better pass completion % than him. .WTF does that say???

Cut ties NOW.... find a real QB

Enjoy it while it lasts cause us Bomber fans have seen this movie too! He usually started the season hot for us, was close to the top of the league in passing stats, good completion %, TD passes, low INT's....and then he pulled his Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hyde thing, and would go to throwing way more picks, less completions, and the TD passes would drop as well. His consistency was something he got blasted for a lot here in Winnipeg

Because I care, here's a list of CFL free agent QBs for MK to call:

8 Crandell, Marcus QB Import 5.11 205 1974-01-06 East Carolina
9 Hackney, Darrell QB Import 6.00 235 1983-08-07 Alabama-Birmingham
17 Chang, Timmy QB Import 6.02 207 1981-10-09 Hawaii
7 D'Orazio, Matt QB Import 6.04 215 1976-10-01 Otterbein College
15 Betts, Josh QB Import 6.02 217 1982-08-25 Miami (Ohio)
4 Dinwiddie, Ryan QB Import 6.01 195 1980-11-27 Boise State
7 Banks, Brad QB Import 5.11 207 1980-04-22 Iowa
1 Printers, Casey QB Import 6.02 216 1981-05-16 Florida A&M
8 Kilian, James QB Import 6.04 215 1980-10-24 Tulsa
11 Joseph, Juan QB Import 6.02 188 1987-08-26 Millsaps
10 Roach, Brad QB Import 6'6 245 1985-03-04 Catawba
17 Boyd, Shane QB Import 6.01 230 1982-09-18 Kentucky
6 Meyer, Erik QB Import 6.01 215 1982-12-28 Eastern Washington
7 Sankey, Ben QB Import 6.03 220 1976-12-05 Wake Forest
17 Bishop, Michael QB Import 6.02 223 1976-04-15 Kansas State