Williams is a natural

Thank God that the team has Williams! He is a natural,I see another Danny Mac in the making.This young man has no fear and does what he has to to get his job done.His quick release and decision making are going to take him and the cats far.Why has the team been hiding him? My twin brother and I proudly wear our Hamilton Jerseys around Calgary ,we take alot of flack for it. But as a true TiCat fan we just say patience little ponies, the cats are gettin ready to eat you raw.
I am so happy and proud to have heard the TiCat fans so excited and in a frenzie at Friday nights game. Thankyou to Casey Printers for his moral boosting skills. This team is finally happy!
Way to Go Cats!

I won't leave you alone on that ! His efficency % is 116.15. From the start, i saw great potential from that QB and i hope he stands around long enough to play up to his promises. There are emotions, but there is reason. Winning is the aim, and Richie showed nothing else...

hes good

He has a lot of natural talent. It is clear to me he's put a lot of work in as well. Props to him for working hard. He's earning his stripes for sure!

Yeah, I always liked Williams too, kinda wonder how the Coaches put him so far down the depth chart?

Even when he was #3 you always saw him in the middle of the huddles between the coaches and the starting QB, not moping on the sidelines bitter about not getting a fair shake.

He doesn't seem to force plays the way Chang has and I just shook my head when Suitor said Williams was a pocket passer! Hasn't he seen him play?

This is the best QB depth the Cats have had since Dunigan/Calvillo.

I'm surprised we haven't heard from the Appalachian State folks. I'm just waiting for all the "I told you so" posts.

I told you he would light it up if he was given the chance.

How long will he last before he gets injured?

I'm not from Appalachain St.
But "I told you so!!".. :wink:..way to go Ritchie!!

thats a really nice thought.....
way to think positive!! :roll:

Sheesh. This is about the heighth of negativity. How long will ANY player last before he gets injured?
Get positive. Williams is a very talented player!!!! We are lucky to have him. Don't you agree? Please stand back, think... and say something good about him just so we know you have an upside. :roll:

Here is my theory on why Williams did not get more playing time earlier.

  1. He was not ready.
  2. Offensive co-ordinators do not like quarterbacks who run. They want every quarterback to use their system. It is an ego thing.
  3. Maybe he does better in a game than he does at practice.
    Lets hope he continues to get better.

I'll address #2 and #3, simply because I've never seen Richie practice.

Re 2): He is a pocket QB -- far more than Casey is. Everything I've gleaned by watching him and listening to Taaffe's comments about him suggest that. Richie will scramble if the play breaks down and he gets a lane, but he's less inclined to move the pocket than #1.

Re 3): What I can weigh in on is that as third-string, Williams probably ran the scout play detail. That is a very important task on any football team.

I'm sure he has put in a lot of conscientious filmroom study into preparing for scout team work in practice. The results in terms of his approach to preparation and his ability to assimilate what the better QBs we face do simply by tracking their plays has paid off.

Richie comes across as a polished young QB, poised, and with a clue about what is going on out there.

Oski Wee Wee,

My theory is 1)Charlie was wrong.

Not to rain on the parade, but as good he looked, he still only completed one drive for a TD on Friday. It was enough against Calgary that day, but still not that great.

He put together a ton of drives, not all of them resulted in points but he was picking apart a complex secondary with ease, the guy makes things look easy out there. Also he had a few dropped passes, that one pass over the middle to Curry would have turned into a 30 yard gain.

Williams will be good... Both he and Chang will learn an awful lot watching Printers.

And 9 of 10 for 106 yards and 2 TDs against the Argos

Richie demonstrates the poise and confidence of a seasoned veteran out there. What a pleasant surprise he has been. He just finds a way to get things done.