Williams in CFL, just as funny as Dionne Sanders.

I rememer when the Bombers put Primetime on their Neg list. Do people really think that Williams will come play in Canada...LOL... I would have to think the only way he would come down here is if he was Suspended for life from the NFL. Does anyone realize how much cash he makes.... He smokes dope, I don't think he's Broke... (I'm a Poet, and didn't know it)....

He LOVES to smoke weed cause he has some medical condition that makes him feel better. I know he'd be too expensive but it could happen. The Argos should let him know we don't test for drugs and about the good stuff that's growns in BC. He could be hear in a flash :slight_smile:

Yeah. Let the Argos have him. And, one week prior to the Eastern Final, we'll have the cops sent to his place !

........it might be a long shot, but given the choice to sit out of a season in your 30th year of life and MAYBE get picked up by a team next year why not play for the Argos in '06?......given Canada's relatively lenient possession laws what's he got to lose?.......

Winnipegger - he owes the dolphins over 8 million dollars.


8.6 million, actually. Thats alot of money. He also has 2 kids and pays quite a bit of child support (he has to pay won of the mothers a reported $54,600 a month) according to his interview last year on 60 Minutes (there have been only 3 times ive ever watched 60 minutes...One with Ricky Williams, one with LT and one with OJ Simpson.

Perhaps we could make an all jail bird team....Todd Marinovich (BC Lions early 2000) Laurence Phillips, I'm sure we could build on this list! :wink:

I dont think Ricky Williams will play here. The Dolphins wont let him anyway, so im assuming it was a publicity stunt by the Argos, which surprises me , usually they are a class organization....

Well, at least with Cynnamon and Sokolowski they're world class. But when Sherwood was running the team, whoa boy. We almost had a Glieberman-esque incident with that proposed wet t-shirt contest that then CFL commish Lysko put the kybash on.

Why would you want Ricky to play? after the thing he pulled in Miami, what's to stop him from doing that in the CFL???

He's a bad egg, I wouldn't touch him.