Williams Hot Dog

Glad he was tackled prior to the TD.

No place for that in PROFESSIONAL sports (or any for that matter).

Heap of blame on Hinds as well...his job being to block for the returner not join him in celebration PRIOR to a Touchdown.

Congrats Chris and Ryan...you will be on EVERY hi-light reel package for the rest of your careers....and beyond.

Both are lucky they saw the field again after that...at least until the second half.


I guess Williams didn't learn his lesson after B.C. last year.

Last year, I joked that if there were an award for number of times getting the team inside the five, Williams would have had a lock on it. How many of his runs last year ended on the one or two yard line? More than ended up in the end zone.

Chris, there is no such award, ok? Don't do it again, ok?

I don't think he hot dogged.. I just think he thought he crossed the goal line before he actually did....

Don't make more of it than it is :roll:

I believe he thought the 5 was the goaline too, however just run it into the endzone THEN celebrate??? :roll: Oh well its tough to get mad at a guy who just returned a kick 110+ yards.

On a post game interview he said he apologized to Coach Cortez and reiterated it won't happen again.
I would never agree to showboating before you actually cross the goal line, BUT after,go for it.
The guy is electric, he obviously gets pumped up when he is racing down the field to score.
To say he has great talent is a huge understatement.
I say, Don't reign it in, Release the beast!

On the bright side, this occurred early in the season in a game that the Cats still won. I don't think anybody at this level should need to learn that lesson the hard way, but if they did, I'd rather it happen now than in November.

On a lighter note, maybe they'll think of using a contrasting color for the turf in the endzones of the new stadium. :wink:

Williams looked like an ordinary superstar.

Trivia question: Is this the longest play in CFL history (116 yards) that did not end in a touchdown?

Like the player, can't stand the play.

Classless and dumb. He knows it too, and knows what he did. Otherwise there'd be nothing to apologize to the coach for. I'm sure he won't do it again.

I hope he gets the chance to prove he's learned his lesson a couple of times next game.

by the sounds of cortez he will be speaking with him on it today and im sure it will not happen again. I dont see no reason at all for hating on the guy in the end it was himself he hurt at the end of the year whatever number he ends up with for special team tds he will be always remeber the one that got away.
In a nutshell i say be professional when u score the td youve did it before and ull do it again so no need to hotdog but by all means celebrate

8) Anyone who attended the game saw without any doubt that Williams was hot dogging !!
 He turned around at the 15 yd. line and slowly ran in backwards for the anticipated touchdown.

 If he wasn't hot dogging, why did he apologise to his team mates, his coach, and also to Al's coach, Mark Trestman ??

I disagree. He not only embarrassed himself, but the team as well. However, I'm quite sure we won't see this from him again.

Gee, when I saw the thread title, I thought Williams Coffee Pub at the harbourfront was starting to compete with Easterbrooks Hot Dog empire across the bay in Aldershot :wink:

I saw Tony Gabriel do that once. He had the habit of running backwards into the end zone and on one occasion he never noticed that the defencive back was bearing down on him. He still managed to score but the DB was draped all over his back. Even the greats do it.

We sure didn’t like it when other teams did it to us, insult enough when you score on them. I remember somebody doing it and he fell on his ass and made a fool of himself.

Hey, it can never be worse than DeSean Jackson fumbling the ball with no one touching him at the one-yard line, right before he would have scored, because he thought he was already in the end zone and figured he'd start celebrating. :lol:

I wasn't a fan of Williams's little act last night, but truthfully, we were being spanked so hard by the Cats that it really didn't matter. We got taken to the woodshed. Showboating or not, the loss was ugly.

You should always respect your opponent. You never know when the tables will be turned on you. I think Chris Williams is a great talent and enjoy watching him play. However, I don't think there's a place for that kind of performance in professional sports.

Having said that, I thought London's prank at the end of his touchdown where he ran through the end zone and perched himself down next the Tiger cat injured was disrespectful. I also thought that Emry's wrenching off Cobourne's helmet in last year's game was equally shameful. And that's only a couple.

To his credit, Williams apologized to Marc Trestman after the game. That shows that the young man has class and upbringing. And I'm sure we won't see a repeat of that act again from him.

I can't say that the Als will ever change their behaviour.

Come now. What about Dave Stala's antics in recent seasons? Players make stupid decisions on every team. If I were paying attention, I'm sure I could go through film and dredge up every bone-headed move a Cats player has made in the past few years. But really, let it go. I know it's fashionable to say the Als are a dirty team, but frankly, that's just homerism. You beat us fair and square last night, dominated us from start to finish. Do you really need to be calling us a dirty team on top of that?

Great run, but sadly spoiled by stupid hot dogging. I'm glad that he got the touchdown taken away from him. It's good that he immediately apologized and it's also good that this young player hopefully has learned this lesson early in both the season and his career.

As a side note, did anyone see him yacking on the field a couple offensive plays later?

On the 5th quarter some guy phoned in and asked if they though Cortez would talk to Williams about this stunt. Ah, yes me thinks. :wink: