Williams fined after Week 4 action

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced one fine after Week 4 action.

Montreal Alouettes defensive back Darius Williams was fined for a high hit on Saskatchewan Roughriders returner Jamal Morrow.

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An interesting side note, I believe the (after game) fines are fewer this year. May be related to the new penalty rules for after the play aggressiveness. Put an end to an issue before it becomes larger.

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I cannot understand why the fact that a fine was levied is announced, but not the amount. That’s PGA Tour like opaqueness when there should be transparency. It’s like a newspaper reporting that John Doe was arrested and leaving it at that.

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They should have fined the guy that went after Cody Fajardo bad leg this past weekend

Probably because the fine amounts are not large and might seem a bit laughable to some people, but when it comes out of your Per Diem it probably hurts enough. Either that or non disclosure is part of the CBA.