Williams Demoted

8) Ken Peters reports that Richie Williams will now be 3rd string QB at least for this game !!
 Quinton Porter moves to #2 spot.

 Ritchie is not happy at all with this move, and declined comment on the situation.

 Marcel explains that he needs to get a better look at Porter in game situations before the end of the year  !!

I actually liked what I saw of Porter in the last game. He's a big, mobile guy who doesn't get happy feet in the pocket.

If Williams is upset, he needn't be. He has proved himself this year. He still has a lot to learn, but they know what they have with Williams. They have to see more of Porter to see if the new QB they just brought in is better or worse than him.

i cant blame him for being upset...i think this is a dumb move

I agree with ticatsackattack. I don't mind it, I'd like to see what Porter can do. I have high regard and hopes for Williams, and suspect he'll be our top QB in a year or two. But giving Porter a shot is a sensible thing to do. Of course, if Printers plays well, neither Williams nor Porter will take a snap, so the whole thing becomes a bit of a non-issue.

I would rather see more of Ritchie if they are evaluating.

While I understand Richie not liking this "demotion", I got to believe that he will be the number one guy once CP gets kicked to the curb.

Allowing Porter the #2 job gives him an opportunnity to prove he's worth keeping and remaining #2 when Richie moves to the Starting position

And they brought in another QB this week who's working out with the team.

Does anyone still beleive that the Ticats are focus on fighting for a playoff spot?

You trade your starting MLB for a pick and the and now Bellefeuille is trying to sell bs to people that he's evaluating so he knows what he has for next year in Porter.


Someone is not being honnest here.

1- They've given up on the year and Marcel is the man next year (no advantage to him to evaluate for next year).


2- Printers or Williams is about to be traded

Simple as that

Printers will be gone if not by the end of the season than in the off season. If porter shows anything, he will be the new number one. Williams will go to Toronto as a backup for Kerry Joseph. The new guy will be number 2 and they will bring in a new young guy for number 3. Just a hunch but there's reason to believe this is the way the Cats would like to go.
Printers is not Obie's guy and if rumour is right the team is not behind him.
Williams is tradeable (Toronto has said they fear him and they need a better backup now.)
I think Porter has impressed them and they like what they see.
I wonder if the guy they brought in is similar in style and athletic ability to Porter.

No one in this league or any league gives the 3rd stringer a crack at #2, even if you want to evaluate them

if you want to evaluate, here's what you do

1st half - Printers
3rd qtr - Williams
4th qtr - Porter

Do this for the rest of the season.

I don't blame Williams at all. He put his time in as a 3rd stringer and when his # got called, he answered the bell.

I would take this as an insult. We like you but we want to see what this other guy can do. Screw you would be my words!

How come when we get a competant back up we end up messing it up and making people mad? I understand it's a business but please! If you really want to see this kid play, let him start a game.

The won't do this cuz then the white flag will appear to have been waved.

It's time for management to come out and say that this is a lost season and we are going to evaluate ALL of our talent.

Moves like this start to piss people off. Williams has every right to be upset.

Plain and simple.....Williams does not throw the football well enough to be a starter in the CFL. Bad mechanics, poor arm strength, and a run first attitude make it tough to succeed here.

Here are things we know.

This team needs a shakeup.

Printers and Williams have had oppurtunitties to show what they can do, and Porter has not.

I agree. He's very likable, seems as if the team loves him and he has that great intangible. Love the way he runs.

But his passing leaves a lot to be desired.

He's a lot of fun to watch play except when he's throwing downfield. I find myself cringing when he does.

3string QB’s never show enough because they are 3rd string. It is his first season in the CFL. You sit, you watch. Bellefeuille is already showing he dosen’t have the experience to be a HC.

This team is suffering, new HC needs to be an opportunity for a fresh slate…By the way exactly the words Don used in Toronto this week. You put it in their hands and give them the opportunity, Trestman did the same thing in Montreal this spring as well.

At least you get buyin from your veterans and earn respect.

The catastrophy continues…

Williams may not be the ideal CFL qb but the team plays for him for some reason and we seem to move the ball and win with Richie.

He's not my qb of the future here but he's a solid #2. A change of pace guy.

Conspiracy theory: Do you think the directions to move Porter to #2 came from Obie himself? Obie wants a head coach that he can control? I think if the Cats play well for Marcel, he will be our HC next year.

There is absolutely no reason to think so.

Obie was a coach. I think Obie is smart eough to know that undermining a coach is suicide.

Maybe it is like the DON in toronto.
Show me now or you out of here?

If there was any doubt about the team having written off this season, there isn't anymore. If they thought they were still in the hunt, there's no way they'd be experimenting with Porter as #2. Also, what kind of message does it send to the team?

An Argo-Cat fan

Why is he messing around experimenting?

He could be Head Coach next year
if he gets us in the play offs.

Marcel, is our interim Head Coach.

He has to get results this season.

There is a very big learning curve
when live ammunition is being fired.

He better hope he doesn't have to
send Quinton in to a game early.

Even if he goes in late in the game
a mistakes can cost us a winnable games.

He's won 1 game this year. He hasn't done anything different than Casey has with this team. I will give you that the players do seem to "play" for him, but giving Porter a shot is the right thing to do. If he's not going to be the guy you need to know so you can cut bait.

If there was any doubt about the team having written off this season, there isn't anymore. If they thought they were still in the hunt, there's no way they'd be experimenting with Porter as #2. Also, what kind of message does it send to the team?
I can't believe people are making a stink over who is going to the be [b]BACKUP QB[/b]