Williams deal could actually spell trouble for CFL?


Interesting read, hopefully its not as bad as its made out to be...

Maybe Taman can claim 5 minutes before he signs with the Dolphins-- just like he did with Hebert. It is an amazing double standard the CFL has set. If Ricky is allowed an out, then why does Hebert have to follow a different set of rules. ANY CFL player should have to follow the same rules, this is why the CFL looks bush, IMO, one set of rules for Ricky Williams, a different set of rules for everyone else.....

Yeah it would all be good points except...

Ricky was SUSPENDED from the NFL which is the only reason he is being allowed to "break" his contract with the permission of the team.

If a CFL player is Suspended and wants to go play in the NFL, then if the CFL team agrees, all good.

Can someone call Travis Smith and let him know :wink: Okay low blow, but you get the idea. Not likely to happen, but if it did it would be okay with me.

This has nothing to do with Ricky breaking an NFL contract. Its that the CFL is allowing Ricky to not be claimed till the end of april instead of the normal mid Febuary date.

This will be the case used in any and all future contract cases. the league has effectively change the date a player must sign with an NFL team. EVERY future CFL player, in his option year, will be able to sign with an NFL team till the end of Apil.

PS - Smith isnt suspended he could play for a CFL or NFL team if they wanted him.

Hey Sambo, if the rule change is the case, it was done to help one team and that is always the same. You don’t see Wright busting his butt applying the rules to Hebert do you? Guess we should be used to it by now. They march to a different drummer.

I agree that having Williams in the CFL is exciting for fans, Argo fans for sure, but for most CFL fans. I just think the deal that was done between him and the Argo's is fishy, and I would say against league rules. How can the Argo's organization asure the Dolphins that no other team will claim him, for his option year which is mandatory in CFL contracts. Much like the Hebert thing in Winnipeg, Taman was following the leagues rules when he claimed Hebert. Sure it was a bold move by Winnipeg, and left a bad taste in Heberts mouth, because he thought the death of Ottawa was his escape clause from the CFL. The fact still remains that in the Hebert case it was all legal by Winnipeg, and the league should be working on that greivence already. We are nine days into training camp. In the Williams deal, it seems that rules are bending, snapping and molding in illegal ways. All to Bring Ricky Williams into Toronto for one year, with no option, extending the time limit to sign with a NFL team (miami)so that it works out to Ricky's benifit.

If you go to SLAM sports there are MANY POSITIVE ARTICLES , about this signing.In fact the MAJORITY , have been all positive.

very good points Bust.....

do you really think that the FISH would have agreed to this if they had any problem with this?

There was nothing fishy about this deal. We all new from the beginning that he would only be here one year.After that he is under a 2 year contract with the FISH.

except the rules will have to be changed in his benefit

what rules?

And it seems that ARGO tickets are selling like hot cakes , and increasing the CFL's interest in the U.S.

This is all happening just after 1 day. This should also increase ticket sales when the ARGOS go on the road.

Some are just victims of , NFL hype.

Name another player in the CFL who sign's one year deals with a club worth 270.000 (Plus)or any amount for that matter, with no option deal included. Name another player who at the end of the year will be released and skip right past waivers. Name another player who is already under contract with the NFL, playing in the CFL. you won't find one because in CFL rules there is no such thing as a one year deal with no option, except for Ricky.
This whole thing is a circus side show to sell more tickets and jerseys in Toronto. I have already read that Toronto will most likley lose money after this season, just like the last two, but yet can pay a guy 270.000 plus for a one year vacation in Canada.

top it all off he could be a bust.

this is just another Rocket Ismail type hype thing.

The rules about option years and wavers

There are no rules against this either. If you want to condem the ARGOS then why not condem MIAMI , because with out permission this would never have happened. :cowboy:

THE NFL has no problem with his , so far.

It will not just sell tickets in TORONTO , but on the road as well , it will also sell the game in the U.S. more. Which is already happening. :thup:

Williams has never been charge with any crime , he was suspended by the NFL for their too strict drug policy. :roll:

Again , if people are really upset about this then just BOY COTT THE CFL , other wise you are supporting the CFL with your wallet and condonnig it.

What, we need to validate our league by selling the game south of the border? Maybe we should focus on selling the game north of the 49th 1st.

cant boycott it till the season starts.

You ever think about what will happen if he does tear up the field? I am not saying he will or wont but lets just say he breaks the rushing record badly?

So we get a few more bucks for US TV rights but what will we get the year after if he proves that we are BUSH LEAGUE? What US station will pay to broadcast just an inferior game? What NFL fan will have any interest after "HE PUT US IN OUR PLACE" Again I am not saying he will and we are but the only way in my book for us to prove something to the NFL fans is if he has only an CFL average year. Then the CFL will have shown something to the world!

I am with you on that Sambo.....

His pot smoking isn't a issue to me at all. I'm one that beleives pot should be decrimilized like in Holand where that don't have many social problems, but that is another debate.
I can tell you the only team that benifits from Ricky Williams is the Argo's. You won't see 500 fans wearing Ricky Williams jerseys in Calgary or any other stadium except Toronto. Sure you will have the odd fan on the road but they are already argo fans.
I don't care that the Dolphins agreed to let Ricky get his way. I care that the CFL will bend rules for one guy.

another thing is Doug Fluttie was/is loved in the US and he couldn't raise interest in the CFL across the boarder, what makes you think Ricky will; a few reporters?
All in all, I could care a less, because Toronto was already a good choice to win the Grey cup this season before Ricky.
Now they could have issues with Avery,and if they can't afford both then who will be there next year for the Boatmen?
The Ricky hype down south will most likley die out by after preseason..

Ricky will only be here one year. After that year is up, no matter what happens, all the hype and media coverage will be done. The US media is focusing on Williams, how many US media outlets are covering the Alouettes, Bombers, Riders or any other team in this league? Once Williams goes back , all that press will be gone as well.

SADLY , we now have some Canadians saying that the CFL is BUSH league at this forum. If this is our attitude , then why shouldn't Americans feel the same way?

This is a GREAT COMMERCIAL for the CFL game. We already have some CFL fans in the U.S. with out Williams , and this will add more to that , I hope.

All things in life are a risk , but killing it before it even grows seems really defeatest to me. He will not tear up the league , as many , many other NFLers have not. I predict that he will be just a little better than average. :thup: Every one will be gunning for him , and he also has to remain healthy. :thup: