Williams contract deemed legal by Independent arbitrator

So what do you think Williams will do now? Report to camp or sit out?

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/ticats-say-arbitrator-rules-that-chris-williamss-cfl-deal-is-legal-and-binding/article12351575/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... e12351575/[/url]

Oh he will sit out. Followed by a short and unimpressive career that everyone will quickly forget about...

I'd love some clarification on this... If he chooses to sit out and the Ticats uphold their suspension for the entire season, technically then he still has a year on his contract, correct? Is the NFL likely to enforce that suspension as well?

dont make heroes out of entertainers or sports stars, because most of them will let you down.

I'm thinking the suspension only covers the length of the contract. Similar to when the bombers suspended qb for a year for not reporting. can't recall his name, was a back up in Edmonton. after that year was done bc was aloud to invite him to a camp. Although iirc he turned it down. If it was a league suspension, it would be different. hence the Ricky Williams rule...

Nope, CFL contract run calendar. Once Free agency date opens in 2014. His contract is done. However if he shows up they MUST take him off the suspended list. He can really mess with them but there would be a cost to his reputation that could follow him for a long time and across the border.

What purpose does the suspension serve then? :?
this makes little sense.

so if CW shows up at any time, the suspension is lifted automatically.
why bother with a suspension at all as the outcome is the same, suspension or not.

Williams could retire for the year and still be a FA for next season as well.

Suspension is there to keep players rights without using a roster spot while they are unable or unwilling to show (passport, legal, family or disgruntled). Once he shows up that mechanism is no longer available. All they have left is 42, 46, PR offer, release, trade but they must pay him.

He could but it would not change anything to the present suspended status.

It wouldn't change his ability to play elsewhere but don't see how you can continue to suspend someone who is retired.

Obviously if he signs his retirement paper he's not on the suspended list but it isn't going to do anything for him. If he has the balls his next play is to show up the day camp ends for his physical with a nasty attitude. Pretty tough poker game to play for a 25 year old in a room full of grown men trying to feed their family.

aka…suck it up princess.

This ruling pleases me very much.

no. it is a term, not games played. It is not the first time a contract has been sat out on, and will not be the last. It was made a big deal out of because he was such a b1tch about it. The fact that he created all of this drama will cause a lot of NFL teams to turn their noses up at him. He went to college, he should know enough not to sign on the dotted line without some self investigation.

I dont care what williams does, but I will never enjoy watching him again, no matter who he plays for in what league.

Bring on the next one.

That is such BS. The NFL (or any league for that matter) doesn’t care about the drama created by a player as long as he can play. If the NFL did, Manti Te’o wouldn’t have been drafted in the second round. Tebow wouldn’t have lasted as long as he did. Players who get arrested would automatically be released.

Bring on the next one. That is a great qoute.
That is exactly what the Cats will do. There are so mant god receiver still with the Cats from last year not to mention new players that were brought in or were drafted in 2012.
Quickly Thigpen was forgotten with Williams stepping into the punt return spot.
I look for Onrea Jones to step in and be the punt returner. Guguere and Jones ended last season helping the Cats to be the second best kick off return Unit in the CFL something that was lost in Williams record breaking season. There will be a bunch of guys that will be able to stand along side Guiguere who is very unique as one of the two back on kick off returns as he can both run North South with great speed and strenght as well as block fo the other guy. That is one really great thing that he brought with hime from his 4 years of NFL practice.

See forgot about Wiiliams already :rockin:

i hope he decides it's in his best interest to take the money thats guaranteed to him and take the tiger-cat's contract extention ( thus a raise and security ), rather than burning bridges for something that's not guaranteed in the NFL.

then we could all move on and let it be water under the bridge, and he will have only missed a few days of camp.

if he chooses to sit out the whole season, then he burns a bridge, goes to the NFL, doesn't make it due to size, then comes back hated.

...Look for a trade...He's obviously not going to want to return to the cats..It would also be a crime to see his talents wasted.HOWEVER..a team acquiring him would be in the same position as the T-Cats...He'll leave next year but that club may be the one with the inside track for his services IF he decides to return to the CFL...You takes your chances with Mr. Williams.. Would anyone be willing to roll the dice??? :roll:

i would like to see him in winnipeg.
they are not very exciting to watch, and williams would improve that.