Williams at the press conference!

Williams came off as intelligent , funny , and focused. He handled many hard ball questions well.

He still will be tested 10 times a year buy the NFL. Even a SUN reporter said that 1 of his DRUG TESTS was very questionible [for herbal tea]

Other news is that JEFF JOHNSON's job is safe , John's is not.

They even had part of the press conference on CTV's news net.

And this story was on the front page of the NEW YORK Times , as we already know.

Unless some people are just jealous [with no reason to be , as he could bomb] , the ticket sales all over the league , T.V. ratings in both Canada and the U.S. should go way up. :thup:

Yes he came across really well, very likeable and intelligent. Although no one can top him, like a distant Pinball in his wit and wisdom.

PINBALL is a hard act to follow.

There is only one Pinball.
Most of should aspire to be like him and it would certainly be a better world to live in.

Pinball may be often imitated, but he will NEVER be duplicated. Besides, Ricky's only here for the year. He won't have a lasting impact like Pinball did. Unless, of course, if Ricky tests postiive, then it'll be the everlasting bad aftertaste suffered by the Argos and the CFL.

I hate the Agros but This Great move for the CFL ratings But not for the CFL


3 ,000,000 Canadians smoke POT. He should fit right in here. :cowboy: :lol:

The CFL TV ratings are already at all time highs. Maybe, this will increase it slightly and especially when the Argos play.
It may also increase league corporate sponsorship, merchandise etc.

I saw him on TV at the Blue Jay game .... hopefully he was introduced to the baseball crowd at Rogers Centre

All Ricky has to do is have another cup of that herbal tea before his next NFL drug test and he can stay with the Argos for next season too!

are you kidding the Agros will supply it so they can keep him!

so you agree that maybe the NFL went to far for banning him for herbal tea?

Get your facts straight. The herbal tea can block the test of other banned drugs.

Jose Theodore was called in front of the Olympic committee because he tested positive for Rogaine. Rogaine will block tests for steroids. He was cleared by the committee because he had a prescription for it. The point is its not the tea that caused the problem it’s what it may have blocked!

herbal tea , doesn't block pot in testing. Again , if you are so against this , you should boycott the CFL other wise you are condoning the CFL's actions with your wallet.

he was on the JUMBOTRON :thup:

hellothere don't argue with the mods...lol...look what happened to Saskargo

.....DoubleBlue, you really don't know half the story so your comments aren't appreciated....

well, this herbal tea thing may be no more than a smokescreen. :roll: There may be some racial profiling going on here. After all, tell me the last white running back ever suspended by the NFL? Huh, huh?? Didn’t think so…

so much for freedom of speech.

It is very unprofessional for MODS to ban people whom disagree with them. Not only is it an abuse of power , they are not doing their job.

And it seens any ARGO fan or some one from Toronto is a target.

SASKARGO , was a little over the top at times.

We disagree about pot , and some MODS have not acted that great either . Like after EDMONTON won the 2005 GREY CUP , I guess they were a little drunk from the GREY CUP PARTIES. :lol: :rockin: