Williams and Thigpen released

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Former #Ticats Chris Williams & Marcus Thigpen released by their #NFL teams. Need to clear waivers & could land w/ another team or PR.

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#Ticats retain the #CFL rights to Chris Williams through this season but Marcus Thigpen would be a free agent.

Let Williams go to the arena league where he can burn it up on the big field and make 10 k :cowboy:

Wow. Didn't see that coming.

Must be injury related? You'd think they would keep them practice roster atleast

Would be pretty sweet if we got both back! Not that Chris would come back to Hamilton. Wonder what we could get for his rights though.

Get them both on the field up here ASAP!

I'm all Thiggy with this...get him back in the slot, pronto! :smiley:

As for Williams, I think that bridge was detonated a while ago.

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Thiggy would be good pickup but maybe not needed with Banks here

love to have them both here, although I can’t see Williams in a TiCats uniform ever again after the less than amicable parting.

Thigpen is a real possibility though…

Thigpen will still find work down there. Wms . not as certain. Wms will just follow the money and if HAM offers the most you shouldnt rule him out.

Thiggy doesn't exactly fit our most pressing needs. We've got 2 good returners and an RB that Austin is VERY high on. Granted, each one of those guys happens to be injured at the moment, but I don't see Austin making a play for an FA to replace a few injuries. I simply don't know how Thigpen would fit in long-term beyond a one-for-one swap for someone who doesn't need replacing to begin with. There must be other teams with a real need who'd be willing to pay him more dough. Ottawa, perhaps? They need all the talent they can get.

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WOW! We will see how this plays out , very interesting my dear Watson! :cowboy:

Both could light up the field in the CFL for the Cats, we still need a speedy receiver with good hands, CW has not been replaced on this team since his departure.


Although Thigpen is an excellent returner, his biggest impact was when he was switched from the second halfback to a starting slotback position. He is a Swiss Army knife of a player a la Rufus Crawford and Archie Amerson. We need an interior burner who is going to give opposing safeties fits. It is the verticality of our passing game that is the most pressing need attack-wise. Collaros has the arm and the scrambling ability to extend plays. Getting Thigpen will add versatility.

I would love to have Williams back if that relationship could be revived. I have my doubts.

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If he isn’t picked up by an NFL team perhaps CW’s aspirations down south might be over and he would be willing to come back to the CFL? If so, the Cats have his rights for one more year (as part of his negotiated release from the team). The question is would both sides be willing to man up and bury the hatchet - preferably not in each others’ heads of course? :lol: :wink:

There is zero chance of Williamsplaying in Hamilton again. Austin would trade his rights out West to the highest bidder if he wanted to come back to the CFL.

That would be ideal, Mike...but...dunno given the acrimony.

I am of the "more is more" school, so it comes down to who adds to the lineup the most. Of all the possibities, Chris Williams IS the game breaker. Marcus Thigpen is a great consolation on that score. If either one or both are available, it comes down to what ratio and cap considerations Austin wants and/or needs to factor in. I want to see more weapons on the field that give us the potential for monster YAC yards. As is with the regulars, we have a lot of possession type receivers (having a mix is crucial I believe), but none of the regular inside guys makes my jaw drop in the speed department. Getting teams to play their safeties back more often can really help whatever kind of running action Austin wants to get rolling here, hopefully in 2014. LOL

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?@scratchingpost #Ticats coach Kent Austin says the team would be interested in Chris Williams if he decides to return. “There is no animosity.? #CFL

IF that is true and mutual…we could be in buckle-up mode. We shall see.

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Just Proves Coach is a stand up guy and he likes my Daughters dog :slight_smile: at 1st Practice we went down to meet the team to welcome them Coach Austin looked at Ashleys dog and said Cute Dog Right There :slight_smile:

since the Cats hold his rights only until the end of the 2014 season, Williams may attempt to catch on with another NFL team this year, and if unsuccessful come back to the CFL next season as an UFA.

The bidding will be high and ferocious I would imagine. ($225-$250,000?)

With the miserly salary Williams had from Hamilton, he could elect to sit out the season and, with big dollars, join a team like the Als who will be losing Duron Carter at season's end.