Williams and the backups

Williams looked good coming in moving the ball well on the last drive.

He seems to be a solid #2 guy for us if printers has an off day.

Do we need to have 4 quarterbacks on the roster?

3 I could see but 4? are we the only team in the league with 4 now.

We are paying these guys season salary to sit on the sidelines? where do I sign up?

We should release one of them, anyone agree?

Both #3 and #4 guys have potential, and chang is a good holder for setta.

Tough decision.

I'm pretty sure Chang is injured. Therefore, we are fine for now.

8) For the time being we keep all 4 QB's. Taaffe obviously likes what he sees in all four of them for now.
 You never know, later on in the season, one of them could be good trade material to some team in desperate need of a QB because of an injury situation !!!!!

Argos have 4 if you include Reggie McMeal on the injured list. I think several other teams carry 4 QBs too.

An Argo-Cat fan

dont the als have like 5?

Yes......Calvillo, Banks, McPherson, and then Brady, Santos, and Leak on IR.........that's 6

Why does everyone think Chang is "actually" hurt. He's being hidden.

What you said! :oops:

Williams looked good???

I could just as effectively hand off the ball to Tre Smith.

What a joke, let the love-in continue...