William Powell Done For The Season

Wow, another Achilles injury - - catastrophic for a RB. Unfortunately, this could be the end of Powell's career.

Im not sure what his past injury history is, but runningbacks have come back from achilles inuries in the past and performed well. Sheets tore his before joining the Riders. Eskimos' Rb John White tore his last year and by all accounts is back to his usual self in training camp and preseason game #1. Esks' offseason signing Joe McKnight is another who tore his in the NFL and is looking like he'll make the Esks' roster this season.

Always hate to hear about these sorts of injuries. Shame for the team as Powell looked quite good last year. On the other hand, RBs are not traditionally the most difficult players to find replacements for. Devastating for the player, though. Let's hope he's one of the few that can fully recover from this.

His replacement looked pretty good - Van but they need a bigger back that can block.

Looks like Ottawa will not take any starters to Hamilton on Friday because of the two games in 5 days and the open up less than a week later in Edmonton.
That won't be good news for the Ticats who will want to play all of their starters for at least a half in their final home pre-season game. Ticat starters vs Ottawa backups?

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2016/06/15/ottawa-redblacks-may-play-no-starters-in-pre-season-finale-in-hamilton]http://www.ottawasun.com/2016/06/15/ott ... n-hamilton[/url]

Too bad for Powell, Minnifield, Ojo. Hopefully this is not the year for Achilles injuries - last year was bad enough with QB injuries!