Will Zack Evans be able to make the jump to the DT rotation

I'd rather not see Sanders or Sheets line up as a WR, other than rolling out...I should have indicated that originally. It is just you rarely ever see a 6 pack any more. It tells the D too much, and most clubs like to make the D at least think that the RB is staying back to block...or rather get it in their head that they might. The last, and really only QB, that I have seen run the 6 pack with any efficiency was Flutie. I may recall it being used 2 or 3 times last season league wide.

As of now Sanders is listed as RB on the roster this year so he may indeed stick to RB only but Dorsey is a pretty good vet RB who can block and carry so that may change to where Sanders does play the Hybrid RB/SB role to get him on the field and be a game back up and change up back to Sheets. Dorsey could possibily spend a lot of time on the 46 as a healthy scratch insurance in case sheets gets hurt. He has the ability and experience to carry the load.
As far as the UFL goes Dorsey spent his 4 seasons there with Vegas and Jim Fassel so he is used to being through an Pro NFL style camp and offense after spending 2006-2008 in the NFL including playing in super bowl with colts as a special teamer


Ahhh I get you now! I kinda read your post wrong and was baffled slightly as to the sheets at the WR 3 position which is what I didn’t like was the idea of him being out there often. I didn’t notice that it was a 6 WR set when I first read it!

I agree with you on the not putting them out there very often at all, IMO them coming out of the backfield is just as dangerous if not more dangerous do to the fact that there is always the possibility of the run/ staying in to block.
Some of my favorite plays are where the RB will sit in and look like he is going to block which makes the person covering him rush in and try and sack the QB and then the RB takes off out to the flats and the QB fires it over to him wider open! Not nearly as easy to pull off in the WR or SB positions!

I don’t mind popping Sheets or Sanders out to WO or SB and running some reverse gadget plays but those only work every so often!

IMO the 6 WR set is totally unnecessary. 5 WRs is more than enough to have running routes from the LOS and in the CFL to have a RB coming out of the backfield as a checkdown is never a bad idea!

I agree 5 is a plenty. A 6 REC set would be somehting that you would use rarely and see if you can get the defense into a huge Mismatch in coverage where the Will LB may end up covering Dressler out of the slot but thats it.
Depending on what happens with Dorsey could dictate the way that Saners is used as a staright up Change of pace back to Sheets or back to the Hybrid RB/SB slot he played last year.
I would not count Dorsey out remember Chamblain kept around 10 year NFL vet JT O'Sullivan last year just for an experienced QB at number 3.
The same may go for Dorsey although his NFL experience is not as extensive as JT O. He did play the last for seasons in the UFL under Jim Fassel where he got some top NFL coaching and practice and a chance to be a starting RB to go along with his early NFL success as a pure special teamer.
I beleive that he, Chad Simpson and Domonque rhodes were all on that Super Bowl Colts team. Rhodes as the top back up RB, Simpson as the Kick off returner and Dorsey on coverage teams. I could be wrong but I know both Simpson and Dorsey played in the super bowl

I am a big NFL fan (I love football in all its forms) and Dede Dorsey never really impressed me, aside from his return abilities. The few times he was in the backfield he showed mediocre skill aside from his break away speed. Who knows what he will be like in the NFL but at 28 years old after bouncing around from team to team I can't see him being much better than our 3rd string RB and KR man.

Now a guy I would like to talk about is Stephfon Green, I would recommend going and checking out some of his tape from his Penn State days. I would much rather keep around a younger less experienced guy with extreme potential who from tape reminds me ALOT of Jock Sanders and who is as much of a blazer as Dorsey but with a lot more tread on the tires.

From what I have watched he is a 4.3 40 guy who is willing to initiate contact as well as he has great hands and impressive vision! Sadly he wasn't a starter at Penn ST and didn't get as many touches as I believe he warranted because they always had other great RBs in their system. Of course I am a sucker for potential over experience!

Jinred, I totally agree (except Green is not a 4.3...he is a 4.4...still fast).

I thought Dorsey complimented Sheets and Sanders well, but Green is a way better RB overall IMO. Both Dorsey and him have the hands and are agile, and both run similar 40s, the plus for Dorsey is he has more blocking experience. The pluses for Green is better acceleration, better vision (you can see this in his open field cuts), and he has proven he can run through a guy, Dorsey has not. Granted I am biased because I have seen a lot of Stephfon Green, and not as much of Dorsey.

The statement on Green and Dorsey are very accurate. Chamblain likes a nice mix of Vets and young guys. Thats why I like Dorsey here in the short run while Green can stick around and replace or in the near future compliment Sheets.
With Sanders being able to play that Hybrid spot they could keep all three at least for this years run at the Grey cup at home.
I agree that Dorsey would be here in a pure back up special teams role. Green starting this season on the practice roster could benefit him as this is only his second pro season finishing up his career at PSU in 2011.
If they were in need of a RB badly then pressing Green into action right away would be needed but they have all star calibre Sheets in his prime years and I suspect would thrive and take a team back up role. Anyone of those players who were left in the UFL last year paying for basically free would love any role the CFL has to offer. Especially a NFL experienced Dorsey who appears to just love playing a similar to Rhodes who had a bit better NFL career but non the less comes in with a great attitude.
Not a coincidence that both ended up with the teams they did two of the class orginizations of the CFL they both were on their respective teams neg list probably was not by accident.

unlikely they will keep both unless one is on the PR.
Sanders is unlikely to move to SB with Simon in town, and you aren't dressing 4 RB. Pretty much needs to be one or the other and see how someone feels about 550/wk

O could see them starting Sheets, having Sanders on the 42 as a change up back, backing up in the slot and returning. Dorsey Could be on the 46 as a healthy scratch for an experienced back up. Could see the 42, depending on who they carry at other positions for back ups and whether they uses Ricky S as punter, playing all specials from a DI spot.
Green on the practice roster to start the season and see how far he comes along after 6 game mark then the 12 game mark as that is a usual way a coach breaks down the 18 game season into thirds.
Dorsey was a supreme special teamer in the NFL then playing for Fassel in the UFL was a pro style RB running, blocking, and receiving out of the backfield so he has a large skill set and much experience.
Those will be some tough decisions to make a have a sense that Chamblain Likes Dorsey and his expereince similar to JT O. At least for a year not to rush green same as JT O allowed Levi Brown a chance to slowly work his way to number 3 this year.