Will Zack Evans be able to make the jump to the DT rotation

The Riders have 2 quality starting DTs in Canadian Sholo and Import Alford. Mick Williams will most likely stick as a Utility Dlineman playing inside and Out on occasion. At DE Canadian Ricky Foley will be the designated Rush DE and the Riders plan on finding two Imports to fill the other two spots of the 3 DE rotation. This will put Foley in the mix and be a great player taking a NI roster spot as really a starter. If Evans can become that third DT on the rotation this season that would allow the Riders to use one of the DT spots as a ratio spot. The riders could go with a 42 man roster with the Two import DE Alford starting at one DT and Williams a utility rotational guy taking a DI spot. With Foley, Sholo, and if Evans can step it up that would be a nice rotation with Dline packages to include at least one of the three Canadian DLineman in the game giving the DLine a ratio spot.
Butler will be at safety with special teamer stud Newman backing up along with possibily Sask Boy Bryce McCall as a special teamer as well as emergency at safety.
The LB corp will most likely have Kmromah at Wil, Williams at MLB, and Brak at Sam. Backing up with super special teamer and part time passing package canadian Hurl and from the sounds of things import Brian Peters taking another DI spot. Tristian Black will also be availble as he will most likley be one of the starting Special teamers playing all teams. Having 4 imports starting at the HB/CB and the luxury of dressing Canadian vet Paul Woldu as a back up cover guy while hoding another import on the 46 as a healthy scratch.
4 Canadian Olineman and two Canadian receivers would give the Riders depth with 8 Canadian spots in the line up if Evans can be able to be a solid rotation guy behind Sholo and even Alford.
Having 8 instead of the minimum 7 is something you see the stamps go with incase there is an in game injury issue the team would not fall below the Ratio or have to do something out of the ordinary.
still the possibility of carrying a import punter as well as a 4th receiver cuts the ratio mighty close as always.
Last season the Riders had import Johon Asiata somewhere on the roster in case Fulton went down. If evans indeed can take it to the next level it would give the Riders the flex to also play an import T should Neufeld go down with not having to change much of the scheme.
Hoepfully sanders can come back also as he can take up the hybrid RB/SB spot on the 42 to save an import spot for somewhere else. With the possibility of DeDe Dorsey or another import RB being at least on the 46 and come in to start should sheets go down.
This is why I think that Evans or if they can find another Canadian DT would be key to the Riders roster, lineup and rotation on the DLine with the DTs

Evans played some last year, and I thought looked pretty damned good for a rookie. I have stated several times, especially in draft threads, that I didn't think the Riders really needed to draft a DT because of him. I think he has a pile of upside potential, and as a local guy is more likely to stick around long term.

It appears that the Riders were thinking the same thing as they did not draft a DT. 2013 will actually be Evans 3rd season with the Riders spending the 2011 season on the practice roster and playing for the Thunder on the weekends. When a CFL does that with a Junior player it usually means they have future plans for that player.
With Evans rotating in at DT would really strengthen there content with using another NI roster spot for a player who will see signifigent time on the field as part of the DT rotation and not just special teams.
The Riders Taman and Chamblin combohave really put a really good team together in 2 seasons in all aspects.
Similar on the offensive side of the line with Dan Clark also spending a season,2010, on the Riders PR while playing for the Thunder. In 2011 spent the whole season as a rider practice roster player and in 2012 it paid off as he dressed in 7 games. Heenan, Watman, and Clark as the third Canadian reserve lineman give them a great young core of potential starters and key back ups.

Evens was the youngest guy on the Rider roster last season and he was on the 42 much of it. In a little action he played very well. Even this year I would wager he will be the youngest or darned near, on the roster. He is an a very impressive player, and IMO will be a starter in time. I've been nothing but impressed with him...he is a natural player.

Well it does appear that everyone does agree that Evans will have a sort of break out season in what is essentially his 4th with the rider. 2010 PR and with Thunder for games, 2011, Practice roster, 2012, a lot of time on the regular roster.
Will begin to be a nice rotation guy at DT with canadian Sholo, import Alford, and swing Lineman Mick Williams, adding Canadian Rush DE specialist Foley and the 3 Canadians the DLine should have a strong ratio spot presence
Very key to the riders with the question of the second Canadian Receiver.
4 oline
2 receiver
8 spots gives some wiggle room should Bagg get hurt at Receiver.
3 Olineman Picard, Labatte, and Best all star calibre canadian players, Butler All star safety his rookie year, Sholo all star Calibre DT and Getz all star Calibre receiver. Not to mention Foley former All star and now Rush end specialist most likely.
So the Riders are not just filling ratio spots they are doing so with all star calibre players. Sam Hurl rookie year one of the top special teamers in the CFL
Forming an Oline that is getting to be comparable with Montreal and Canadian Content Comparable to Calgary.
Great 2 season plan so far for Chamblain/Taman. Many Young and in prime Canadians as well as vets great mix.
Last year also began carving out all star calibre imports.
RB sheets
LT Fulton
Brak 1st year as starting Sam best in the CFL
Dressler Veteran all star in prime.
Good talent in D Back field last year should be able to mold them into a nice unit with vet Anderson coming on board.


Kromah top true rookie at weakside LB

The receiving corps is fine.
IMO the best receiver on the team the last 3 weeks was McHenry. He looked superb. Hell, even Dressler started dropping stuff...everyone was...it was horrid, but not McHenry. If Aaron Hargraveaves works out then they have those 2 guys that can rotate out beautifully...if not you have a heck of a starter at least. The only problem is that the #2 spot has historically been Rob Bagg's, and I know darned well the plan about 365 days ago was to have Bagg and Sisco rotate at that spot.

The beauty of McHenry is that his natural position is FB...that is perpetually something that is rammed into the oppositions mind in any dual back situation, it especially has potential of spreading out goal line D.

I am hoping the fix is simple...McHenry as a SB, Rotate Gezt and him. Now, who knows how je will pick it up, but he went from FB to WR like nothing, so who knows. If McHenry works out there it would be a thing of beauty, because he'll be a good blocker as well. Smart coaching would have given him SB footage for Christmas.

So yea...that is 2 solid WR spots, and realistically, they could spread that to 3 if ratio was hurting on the line in a game.

man...there is going to be some tough decisions at WR this year...

WR - NI - Hargreaves, Aaron - I know they are liking him, but with Sisco and Bagg, who knows.
WR - IM - Harper, Rod - Really long shot
WR - IM - Carr, Greg - I would like to say a Given, guess we will say extremely likely
WR - IM - Riley, Eron - I think at minimum a PR guy.
WR - NI - Bagg, Rob - if he holds together
WR - NI - McHenry, Scott - I would think he is assured a spot coming off a good season and can pull double duties
WR - IM - Leong Jr., Lyle - I'll be watching this guy...if he was 3 inches taller he'd be in the NFL.
WR - IM - Sweed, Limas - has some potential...pity he never stuck in the NFL for another year...he needed 3 more game this year on the IR for pension. That said, he's been IRd for a few years...we shall see, but a nice 6-4 WR.
WR - IM - Smith, Taj - Still not high on the guy, but I would say he is a given.
WR - NI - Sisco, Jordan - battling with Hargreaves. At this point, Sisco needs to have a good training camp.
SB - IM - Dressler, Weston - a Given
SB - NI - Getzlaf, Chris - Despite how much is 1.5 dpp piss me off, he is still a good SB and assured a spot
SB - IM - Johnson, Kierrie - Poor bastard...up against Simon and Dressler....errm....good luck mate.
SB - IM - Simon, Geroy - a Given

I would be very shocked if they are happy if McHenry is the 2nd best NI receiver. He have looked good in Mini Camp but after starting the second half of the season the ball was rarely thrown in his direction and defenses knew this. Bagg returning healthy and up to par is very key to the Riders starting receivers. Sisco may or may not turn out to be a flop but I do not think that McHenry will be the answer either. With the ratio looking to possibily be 4 on the Oline, safety, I DT spot having only one quality Canadian Receiver to start would make seven with the possibility of 4 imports but that is cutting it mighty close with only two canadian DTs and no real canadian back up for Neufeld at RT. having that second starting Canadian Receiver being a real starter like Bagg is if not injured is crucial.
With Simon and Most likely Carr and Taj Smith continuing to improve that moves Getz back to being the 3rd main target something that he fits better than being second as he was last year to Dressler

what does playing 2nd receiver have to do with being the 2nd best? It is a positional designation.

And please, go ahead and find a fault from his game play last season.

I can't find any fault he was a hard nosed player did everything he was asked. Defenses, however, knew that he was no Robb Bagg paying less attention to him and more attention to the other receivers way less attention. It would be one thing if McHenry and the Riders made defenses pay for their lack of respect with Mchenry making some big plays or an unlikely 100 Yard receiving game or had a knack for cathing TDs in the Red zone but none of that happend.

As for Getz when Fantuz and Dressler were the key targets even a less then and injured Fantuz who missed half a season defenses were not ready for Getz and he and the Riders made them pay and was a bright spot in an other wise dismall season that year.
Last year getz was not overlooked and getting more attention and more balls thrown his may his drops were magnified because he was the second best receiver while they were sorting through a slew of imports before taj Smith arose from the pile to at least be a threat and getz settled in a bit better and the case of the droppsies he had early on stopped but he still carried that lablel from the fans and press right until the playoff lose. Even though he did end up with almost a 1,000 receiving yards he was still ridden in the press about a series of games early on where he had the dropsies.

I see no real problem with our receivers this year.. I believe there are 2 given spots in our WR core and that is Dressler and Geroy. To me Getz is a given I know his drops have been bad but I believe with another solid target in Geroy, Getz will feel less pressure and be able to do what he does best in being the 3rd or 4th guy as opposed to being the #1 or 2 guy. With teams trying to take Dressler out of the game Getz tried to do to much and that caused his drops, if you go back and watch the tape he isn't watching the ball into his hands he is looking around trying to make a play before he secured the ball! I believe he will do better being the #3 SB again.

So here is how I see the WR stuff playing out.

WR #1 Bagg -To me this is Baggs spots to lose! Likely Sisco and Taj Smith will battle for the #1 spot here but if Bagg shows up in training camp and pre-season I think the spot is his! I see Harper as a long shot for this spot or maybe a back up SB who knows..

SB#1 Dressler- Nobody will touch this spot its his for as long as he stays here!

SB#3 Getzlaf - Like Bagg its his spot to lose! He has floated around 1000 yards for the past 3 seasons now so even with the drops he has been an asset to the team. Hargreaves and McHenry will likely battle for the starting spot here and will likely lose. I see Hargreaves either being a PR guy or he will be cut, I am unimpressed with him from what I have seen and I doubt he will beat either Getz or McHenry out. I see Kierre Johnson more so as a PR guy/ back up to take over for Simon when he retires.

SB#2 Simon - all time leading receiver in the CFL I don't think anybody will challenge this spot.

WR#2 This is the position that is entirely up in the air. I think Carr is a day one leader, but Sweed, Riley, and Leong Jr will battle it out for this position. I see them giving the 3 big guys a shot and Leong Jr will be a long shot. I don't know who will come out of this on top but Carr being the only one with previous experience is the Day one leading candidate.

Anyone who doesn't make a starting spot will battle it out to be a back up or PR or ST. I think McHenry is garuanteed a spot on the team do to his ST ability!

Zack Evans looked good especially for being so young! I see him being a rotational guy easily and as you pointed out it makes that position a ratio spot. I hate the term non-import ftr why aren't they just Canadians?

Carr seemed to really begin to click in the playoffs. Love his size turned out to be the Big receiver they thought that the other Harper would be coming out of camp.
WR Carr import
WR Bagg Canadian
SB Dressler import
SB Simon import
SB Getz Canadian
Could be an awesome combo of receivers.
Mchenry for sure a roster player part of the Canadian Hair force on that awesome coverage units last year as well as backing up at receiver for a short period of time if needed.
Taj Smith showed some signs but just did not seem to get over the hump all the way.
Sisco and Hargraves could both go from the Canadian part of the receiving corp.
The rest of the imports will be battling for some roster spots.
Hybrid Jock Sanders comes back 100% and look out!

Cortez at the helm taking over the Stamps Burris at about the same age that Durant is now. Could Durant be the next coming of the dual threat Burris and end with an MOP season in 4 or 5 years?
Scary to think about how good this could be

McHenry may have been in his 3rd season, but really had zero action before last year. He started working into the rotation about 2/3 through the season, and you are mistaken if you don't think teams were paying him attention by season end. Guess I am content having a guy I can count on to dump underneath to for /-12 yards and have total faith in. High percentage passes mixed with a deep ball that keeps the secondary honest.

I hope he is a much more significant part of the 2013 playbook.

Getz drops balls...period. Why make excuses....he always has. He can look like a genius looking down at the minions on the turf from a pedestal one game and be the goat the next...I mean drops that hit him in the numbers one week...amazing the next. Put it this way...if the game is on the line with a play left are you hoping it is him that opens up in the endzone? He has always averaged about 1.5 dpg....that's a lot.

Well only time will tell with McHenry as I would think that after getting that playing expereince as you said and also being a sure thing great special teams player it would make sense to give him his shot in the Pre season.
After camp we will get our answer i guess

Jinred, I pretty much agree, except that Bagg generally slide in at the #2 WR spot. Just posted that I noticed Brooks Foster was released…rather disappointed…got his jersey made up and all last season.


I can see Sweed or Riley backing up Carr if Smith doesn’t make it through camp. Sweed runs the same 40 (slightly faster) and is 3" taller. I would say a 6-4 WR backing up a 6-4 WR is better right…Smith is in tough, because Leong has a faster 40, and is the same height. Riley is faster still and +2"… Smith stuck because of his speed and acceleration…he no longer has top dog status.

On the ‘All out’ o packages:
------WR1------------WR3------------SB1---------------SB2---------------WR4------------WR2------------as a comparison:
ply—Carr------------Sheets----------Dressler---------Simon-------------Riley-----------smith-----Leong----------Taj Smith
40—4.50-------------4.39------------4.44-------------a distraction------4.38-----------Leong----4.38------------4.59

@Depop I don't believe Sheets should EVER be used as a SB or WR his running ability is to important to wear him out at the WR position. Just my opinion, I think Sanders if he is back takes that spot, or posibly Stephen Green (great name to be on the riders) who has blazing speed, and who from his college stats looks to have very nice hands! He reminds me of Thigpen who to this day is a thorn in my ass that we let him slip through our grasp! Even Dede Dorsey would be a better option than Sheets! We don't wanna wear that boy down anymore than is necessary. Look at how fast Cates went down the drain with overuse!

Sheets did swing out wide to mix it up every now and agian last year but he would not be part of anything that is a normal part of the offense as a WR. Jock Sanders was becoming the very popular hybrid back in the CFL. a guy who who may not start but is packaged in at REC and RB packages always with the threat of an end around. Noel Devine is being groomed in Montreal in that spot. Thigpen played that in Hamilton and Canadian Durie has mainly moved from that to a full time SB and was the Argos second leading receiver last year behind Owens.

he was used last year...and i could sheet or sanders in that spot.

To me Sheets is too valuable to use often there. Its better to use the backup whether it be Sanders, Green or Dorsey. To bump Sheets out there once in a while as a change of pace is alright but to consistently have him run routes out there will tire him out for later in the game when if we are up we will need him fresh so we can run the clock down.
The Riders where at their absolute best last year when they had Sheets and Sanders playing because it kept Sheets from playing as many downs which made him more affective later in the game when defenses were getting tired.

Sanders doesn't quite have the power to take over the running game quite like Sheets can and Sheets doesn't have quite the explosiveness to take over the passing game quite like Sanders can it was a rather beautiful pairing when they were both healthy!

All the players Steve mentioned were the back up RBs on their teams and they are meant for a HB/SB position. Where as the main RB should see far less receiving duties unless it is out of the backfield. Just my opinion of course but I believe its how each player is far more useful!

its a 6 receiver set....how often do you see it? I put Sheets there because generally when you do see it it is when the RB rolls out to the spot pre-snap.

During that kind of set yes you will see Sheets roll out into a rec spot but he will not be used as a receiver during a regular 5 receiver set. As mentioned he is just to important to the Running game enabling the Riders to get into a lot of 2 and 5 type situations in which Defensive coordinators hate to be in with it enabling the offense to really open up the play book.
Thats where it would be great if they could get a player like DeDe Dorsey on the 42 each week playing a similar role the Will ford played for Winnipeg with Chad Simpson.
Winnipeg also gets a third option at RB with Carl Voney able to get on the 42 from the canadian half of the roster.
The Riders could possibily do the same with Jock Sanders being a hybrid Back/REC filling a rec spot but with the ability to hop in the backfield. More importantly he could be able to fill the returner saving a spot on the roster where a Return Specialist only may take.