Will Zach Collaros become a Rider?

If we are to believe Chris Jones post season comments where he said the club is still pursuing who becomes our starting QB - does Collaros become that guy?

Or does Jones go with who we have and continue to develop both BB and someone younger underneath while using KG as utility where needed?

I can’t see Jones throwing big $ at Collaros so that might be solely where this lives or dies.


Zach is a Rider, https://www.cfl.ca/2018/01/03/riders-acquire-zach-collaros-ticats/

Congratulations to Zach we wish him the best in Rider Nation!

Not a fan of this move at this price

Speaking as a Ticat fan, he's a good acquisition for you if he re-structures his deal, if you have an O-Line to protect him, and if he can stay healthy(see: concussions, knee).

When he was at his best, Collaros was fun to watch in Hamilton.

the contract will be fine
he will not get top end blocking
if is a tall ask for a player who has never made it more than 13 starts in a season

Yeh I saw this was possible.
Not a fan of this move but possible it turns into something special “If he can stay healthy”

Not a chance of that happening, he’s the highest paid player in the league… (I said to myself before today)

oh darn it happened…hmmm? ya I don’t think I like it either.
bout the only good thing I see is Collaros and KG working well together because of the way they both play, other than that I guess I could say that the 2 QB system we used last season seemed to be effective in that they are very different QB’s. (Glen and Bridge or now Collaros and Bridge). That said I don’t think I would go outa my way to buy that sauce.

otoh we seem to be stacking up at QB, could it be we’re working some other trades. I highly doubt it.

I can live with the trade but the price is not sitting well with me. The salary and the very high draft pick are both too much by far.

So what happened with our “if you want to be the highest paid player go somewhere else” philosophy that we were supposed to have?

I don’t understand why anyone would give up any assets for a player that was going to be released in a week or 2, not to mention now it’s us who have to take that hit. We should have gotten that draft pick not them.

For me it’s all about the money here and we got hosed. I’d take the player but at a fair price. Between this and the Franklin situation something seems fishy.

He wont be the highest paid....no way do they make this trade if he was stuck on 500+. It is being reported that at least 2 other teams were sitting with offers on the table...Zach was not getting released. Riders have already stated renegotiation are progressing well and ZC made a statement that seemed to indicate that he was cool with an incentive laden contract...fiscally, there will be no hosing on this.

to the bolded...That is where I was at...but I rethought it some. Really what this equates to in the big picture is that the Riders traded Montreal's draft pick they picked up for Durant. There were apparently at least 2 other teams going after Zach, so fair enough. The way the trades all shook out around QBs....basically the Riders gained Eddie Meredith (who I think might be a good player yet...looked good in camp) and Zach for DD....I can live with that....not at 520+ for ZC, but if they line him up at 425 or less...sure.

For me my initial reaction was thinking he would be released so the loss of the pick was concerning, but that was not happening...so fair enough. I am still concerned that he is a fairly immobile QB who has only ever started a max of 13 games in a season and has not looked the same since the knee injury...though he was in a toxic place, so who knows. When healthy he is a solid QB, mobility aside....and is known to be pretty cerebral

also...his present contract was actually front end loaded...it was 520 or whatever to start, but got lighter.

Personally the reason I haven't all cheerios about ZC is his lack of mobility. Not that, that is a bad thing with the right OL......... I just have always liked the option and excitement of a scrambling QB who makes it work

If Zach restructures his contract he is a valuable player in the league. At $540K he is not an asset. $540K of cap room has more value than ZC. IMO I think a deal is in place where Zach will renegotiate and extend his contract.

Congrats Riders, you got your franchise starting QB from us for several years to come. Collaros will lead you to several Grey Cup Championships.

Not a fan of this move, would rather see BB getting a closer look, he is young and will make mistakes, but damn to kid can play. Time will tell,

This is definitely a surprise move.
Always thought how Zach would come back to my Argos, to try to resurrect his career.
Also for you guys it appeared how Bridge would be the new starter for the Riders.
I don't get it?

Its not the first time we have had two starters (JJ Barnagel for example), if Bridge and Collaros can push each other to be better, that is the best situation for the Riders. Add in Adams and it even could be a trifecta of QBs. Glenn may be given a nudge toward retirement. I think the focus now needs to be improving the Oline to protect Collaros.

Pretty sure Jones is being scratching his head for all of us. Do I or should I, or I wonder if, or should I just get a signature and bite the bullet. Not like there's options hanging at every street corner (QB Mike Reilly-half price till Tuesday with 10% down.) Guess the best way to sum it up is Jones got us here, with some real fun to watch ball. Our teams still building, Zach and Bridge each need more building. Add Glenn as coach I'm hoping. A few key additions here and there and this team is bringing a division final into the best house in the country. I'll step out on a limb here and assume after some debt restructuring the club is back in black and about to start rolling in serious green again. Pretty amazing turn-around, never a dull moment, it could have been a hll of a lot worse, and a hll of a lot longer. Gotta trust CJ on this one..

Gotta hand it to Jones. Very focused on his goals and goes and gets them.
Much like his mentor Bill Parcells it seems.

Sad to see Glen get the boot - again, but that is Pro-Sports. From a fan's perspective - it sucks, but salary cap had to be given up somewhere.

Welcome Zach to Rider Nation.

Now time to beef up that O-Line to protect all these QBs.

Go Riders.

I pray for a drought to hit Sask followed by a pestilence of grasshoppers and a crazy wind that never ever stops blowing.

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Feel better now??