Will you watch the XFL on TSN

[font=Arial, sans-serif]TSN announced today it will deliver complete live coverage of the all-newXFLfootball league, culminating with the inaugural XFL CHAMPIONSHIP in April. The season kicks-off with the league’s opening game featuring former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Cardale Jones and theDC Defendersvisiting theSeattle DragonsonSaturday, Feb. 8 at 2 p.m. ET(TSN’s XFL broadcast schedule is available[color=#85878c][size=3]here).[/size][/color][/font]
[font=Arial, sans-serif]The eight-team XFL is divided into two four-team divisions, East and West. The XFL East features the DC Defenders, New York Guardians, St. Louis BattleHawks, and Tampa Bay Vipers. The XFL West is comprised of the Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, Los Angeles Wildcats, and Seattle Dragons.[/font]
[font=Arial, sans-serif]The network’s XFL coverage is available for live streaming and on-demand viewing to TSN and TSN Direct subscribers via[color=#85878c][size=3]TSN.ca/Liveand theTSN app. Fans can also visitTSN.cathroughout the season for game recaps, highlights, and must-see plays from around the league.[/size][/color][/font]

yo, HfxTC, are you getting senile :slight_smile:

First, wrong forum.

Second, you posted pretty much the same topic 2 months ago.

Got stuff to do this weekend, but I will watch if not busy. It will be a week by week basis as to if I want to get into this league at all. Spect some growing pains, rules adjustments, possibly lower calibre of play.

11 am pst is a little early for me. Will probably miss at least the first half of most sat games

TSN carrying every game is new as of two days ago.

I expect very ugly football the first couple of weeks.
Also curious how much of what they learned in the CFL June Jones and Marc Trestman will put into place.

I will give it a go but how many times are they going to try this ? The NFL rules down there. Do they think they will steal fans or create new ones ?.. I can’t see a good ending here. Just my take.

Why is TSN so gung ho ?

According to the TSN GO app, only TSN 3 will be showing the games. So it doesn’t seem like they’re going all in.

We don’t get that channel so I’ll check in on the US channels. Both games will be shown here.

Don’t really have a vested interest in either team or weather it succeeds or not. Make it to week 9 and they will pass the longevity of the AAF :slight_smile:

I will check some parts for the rules and mostly for the assistance. I will probably check the Tampa Bay game tomorrow for Marc Trestman, but I’m not planning to watch the entire season.

I won’t watch it. I hope the XFL flops and folds immediately.

Scheduling football in the late winter and spring is just a transparent attempt to avoid competing with the NFL for viewership. Why any sport fan would buy into a promotion resorting to such gimmickry is beyond me.


This is the…X…F…L!!!

Its most likely free for them . Surprised its not on more TSN regionals . They can sell advertising way easier for live content .

They had a pre made loop playing pretty much all day before the live content .

Probably why I don’t understand why the CFL is being described as a hard sell by some here . Its a easy sell they are starving for good quality live content especially Canadian .

U sports , national teams etc … could easily be covered .

Watching the DC Seattle game as I type .

Good production value with the camera work ; leaving a lot of the over the top wrestling XFL hype away from the broadcast style so far .

XFL likes to say that the original version only failed because of the quality of play was subpar. That is really not accurate. Even before they played a game, nobody with plans for the future wanted to be assoicated with a laughing-stock league. This time, they learned their lesson and Vince McMahon is not the face of the XFL.

People are saying the debut will attract about 4 million viewers in the US, andwe will need to wait several weeks to see more accurate ratings.

I am thinking the main audience will have a heavy WWE crossover. That would not be good sign as their wrestling demo are those who remember the original XFL and are over 50.

Whatever happens, the league should last at least a couple seasons because this is something Vince McMahon wants. Unlike a con artist who promises that somebody else will fund something nobody wants, McMahon is willing to fully pay for his vanity project himself.

The kick offs were interesting to watch so far .

Trying to eliminate the big collisions .

They are going open mic on the coaches .

Not that bad…for 4 downs football. The most annoying part is sideline interviewers talking to players/coaches between plays.

I don’t like it either . Its cringy . I just feel for the player or coach who has to talk to them .

For some odd reason now that other leagues are copying the CFL and are allowing the over the top celebrating ; I don’t like it anymore and find it annoying .

I do like the small stadium ; that would look good in Halifax with a few less bells and whistles .

Maybe not just looked it up that dinky 20 k Audi stadium may have cost up to 500 million US .

Thanks Hank.

Well I watched a lot of that first game and I just don’t care. I feel no connection to that game and so I may give a few other ones a chance but…

I can’t bear to watch anything wrestling so if they start up with that kind of crap I’ll be gone for good.

Interesting to see Jim Zorn. He was QB for the Bombers a while back. Only a short stint but i remember.

Much to my surprise the LA/Houston game is being broadcast live on You Tube .

I have enjoyed what I have seen of the games so far.

Really really like the kickoff game when the ball is in play. Don’t like how much the kicking team is penalized when the ball goes out of bounds.

Really like the two minutes of each half game clock rules.

Quality of game play not bad, specially for first games of season and the league.

Sergio Castillo really sucks.

Agree with you completely FYB. Really enjoy the quality of play for a first game. Think the TV production is of good quality also. Glad to see Vince is playing it straight this time.

Looks like I might have something else to watch this spring besides hockey and rugby league.

The level of the XFL is okay-ish.

The setup on kickoffs is interesting, but not as dynamic as the CFL.
I have not seen double-forward passes so far.

I am however disappointed that TSN chose to broadcast the XFL instead of Major League Rugby.

I will watch the Tampa bay game today because of Marc Trestman, but I’m not planning to go forward. Quality from yesterday was decent, between AAFL and CFL. Biggest advantages are the 25 seconds play clock, two timeouts and the kick/punt rules. Altough CFL rules on the matters are better, it’s still an improvement over the NFL.

I am with you here FYB - I was surprised it was not sloppy and it appeared that the players really had trained. I like most of the rule changes too.

I am not interested in the overtime format or anything different than how the NFL does it and the CFL used to do it, but hopefully I never have to see it.