Will you stop supporting the CFL if Canadian Ratio changes?


yes or no.

I believe the ratio for the rest of the team should remain the same, but that they should be able to field extra imports on the o-line. Too many of our teams o-lines either completely suck, or barely get the job done.

It would take an awful lot more than tinkering with the ratio to make me even consider not supporting the CFL.

I'll stop supporting the CFL when I'm dead.

… Unless, of course, there's a heaven where there will obviously be CFL.

Ok i think this would be bad for football in Canada to lower the ratio.The comish has talked about growing the sport here and now there is talk about taken roster spots away from canadians.Give your head a shake teams need to scout the cis and do there jobs the riders have great canadian talent no reason why other team cant as well.
The more chance kids have to play the bigger the game will get in your country.

You should be in the league if you are good enough. Lower it ,but don't get rid of it. Better players means better football.

Seems to me the commish has been smoking something funny! Canadian football is taking off, as well more kids are now playing football in Canada, as I saw a news report last week showing youngsters playing the sport! Getting rid of Canadians is a bad move, and could swing things in the opposite direction! If the CFL want to increase the fan base, they have to showcase more Canadian talent, not less! The NHL is losing more Canadian players, as it's fan base is slowly changing as well to in the opposite direction! :frowning:

you clearly don't get it..

Sorry- the poll doesn't work for me. I'd appreciate the league a lot less.

It would certainly upset me a bit, since I think teams have shown they have Canadians that can start and be just as good as americans, but certain lazy GM's don't spend enough time scouting and developing that same Canadian talent.

I wouldn't stop supporting the CFL, but it wouldn't be the same, and I'd be gravely worried about it's future.

I wouldn't mind the ration being lowered.
But it shouldn't be eliminated.
And like somebody else said.
If this is a way for Cohon to make the CFL into an NFL minor league.
Then I say lets go 100% Canadian!

That would be one of the byproducts of a reduced ratio. For too long far too many teams have packed their O-Lines with as many non-imports as possible just to be able to field non-imports at other more "skilled" positions. If anything a rule should be brought in whereby you are only allowed to use 2 non-import spots on lineman.

I agree. :thup: There will still be a place for Canadians to play in the CFL while giving more flexibility to teams in regards to rosters which should bring about a better brand of football which is also better.

I still fail to see where the Canadian players are to blame for the brand of football that is played in the CFL right now. Besides the QBs, what have the Americans done that so much better than the Canadians? I have seen a lot of imports drop many a pass the last few years.

While I agree, I don't like going that far in saying who plays what, they kinda did that with the QB position, and looked what happened there, no Canadian for the past few years. At some point the league has to step back, and let the coaches makes the decisions. If they are clearly showing an anti Canadian bias by putting Canadians in poor roles, the media should call those coaches out on them.

It should not be lowered. There is enough Canadian talent out there. I mean only 7 players out of a roster of 46?????
I will support the CFL as long as there is a team in Saskatchewan but I think we should keep it Canadian.

Sure I'd still support the CFL. But the ratio isn't going to change drastically. So right now there's a minimum of 160 Canadians on the rosters. There's probably another 40 to 50 on PR's and INJ's. So with Ottawa back, even if they did cut back to 18 per team, we would still have the same number of Canadians in the league.

Of course my position has always been that they allow veterans imports (2 or 3 per team) to become non-imports after at least five years in the league.
Also change the other defination of what makes a non-import to read, "you must play some high school or minor football in Canada" to be classed a non-import. Players that are born here then move to the States and play their high school and college down there are just as much an import as players born and raised there.

My vote if there was one would be, keep the seven starters, dress 21 imports plus 21 non-imports (including 3 five year plus imports) and scrap the QB quota. Back up QB's could play another position if required. Canadian QB's would suddenly become useful as 3rd stringers to develop. If the Argos can keep a rookie import QB on the PR all season than all teams could do likewise.
So come on BOG and Commiss stop listening to the cry baby Coaches and do what the fans want. A better chance for the Canadian QB's and the ratio the same with a little tweaking.

I agree with everything you say double blue, and all of it should be done, except a few things...

instead of 5, how about 7? that's what it takes to be a Canadian citizen right? lets do something along the lines of the current citizenship rules.

I still think the ratio needs to be two non imports (including 7 or more year imports) to each one import, and the roster needs to be expanded to 46 players, adding 4 from the roster, so it would be 24 non imports and 22 imports. I can be done, even with expansion, and gives 4 more players on the PS a chance to play, and would help to solve this injury issue.

Canadian players aren't to "blame" but rather teams will usually start Canadians "non skill" positions. Those are facts. Any look back to rosters from recent history will show that.

Actually, now as before, the coach does decide who will play QB . There has never been a rule whereby a QB had to be from a particular nation. Also, you can't call for coaches to have more control then in the same breath call for the media to call those coaches out for giving Canadians in "poor roles". You can't have it both ways.

I definitely would not be pleased if the ratio was changed, however, I would still support the league. The idea of the NFL turning the CFL into a developmental league is ridiculous - then I might consider stopping my support of the CFL.