Will you renew your season tickets next year?

I heard our caretaker on the radio tonight admitting that the "product" is broken. I agree. I paid for a product this year that is broken. I cannot get a refund, an exchange or a warranty on this product now that I have bought it.

So, why in my right mind would I buy the same broken product again next year? What would it take for you to renew your season tickets for next year?

For me, half price. which is fair. Otherwise, the seats can sit empty and they get nothing, which is what they gave me this year.

If they were competitive, then I say I was entertained win or lose. But this was not entertaining in the least, it was not competitive, It was an embarrasment to the teams of the past and the City.

i would renew at a reduced price. you get what you pay for. at the prices they charge, i'm not sure we are getting what we paid for.

if i wanted to see one big joke, i'd rent a jim carey movie or something...

as it stands, i'll be curious to see what the front office dreams up to make season ticket renewals enticing after this debacle.

Prob another poster!!!!!!!!


it'll take more than another poster for me to want to renew after this.

at least last year the team showed up to play, and even if they lost big they knew where the endzone was...

how about a reduction of 1 dollar per point (based on the teams total points for and against) per ticket

so as of now points for = 189
points against = 364

for a discount of 175 dollars (to date)

just a thought that i am only about half serious about for now... couple more stinkers and who knows though....

you do realize that season tickets prices will NEVER drop.
Smart thing to do would be to hold the prices.
From what I understand my section 25 tickets currently at approx. $285. will be going up by $60!!! an approx. 21% increase!
I really don't think that would be a wise move on Bob's part.

Going to a game, even if we haven't scored a td in 4 games at home, is a great outing, I love going to the stadium. But if we don't get a big acquisition for some position, then prices shouldn't go up IMHO.

This poll doesn't have my option: I'll renew even though the price will go up. I'm at the end of the three year deal this year, and if I renewed right now my seats would be 37% more. Chances are they will be roughly 50% more for next year. But I don't pay just to watch the Cats. It's great when they're winning, but hey -- the other teams have stars too, and are also worth watching. Tough to be fully enthusiastic right now, but I've paid big money to see some awful movies and live shows too. Bring on 2007.

FYI, I think the team could help finance a renewed Traditions Club by eliminating the two-free-tickets per ticket bonus. I pointed this out on the old boards: if there are 10,000 Trad members, with 20,000 free tickets worth $40 apiece (not usable for Labour Day), that means there is an average of 2,500 free tickets at each game -- potentially $800,000 per year. I'd gladly give up these freebies for a fixed price over three years. Just a thought.

I feel like a champion this year seeing as I didnt waste my money this year ... after 7 years of season tickets, I gave up .... I said it all along, I just dont trust Bob Young as a businessman !!!! I WIN !!!!

I'm all for eliminating the free tix to get a better deal. It burns my fanny that I'm paying for something I cannot use but MUST give away. I used them this season but for that was for a special occasion that I'd have purchased tix for anyway. The previous 2 seasons I ate them

Not looking good!

I'll keep this as brief as possible.

For 10 years now, most recently locked in for 3 years, I have invested in 6 tickets in Box C + D to primarily support the Tiger Cats and distribute for goodwill to business associates and customers. Not only have I become deeply disappointed with the quality of the home team product which these folks are being subject to, I am also rapidly becoming disgusted with the questionable arbitrary actions taken by the moderators on this teams site.

I will not expound further except to say; last evening I posted a reply in jest to the "Practice Is now Closed" thread. It jokingly indicated the Cats players would be practicing in the nude. Any reader with any sense of humour would chuckle. An over zealous moderator deleted it. Yet earlier, in a different thread I was addressed personally in an extremely demeaning manner in 2 posts by the same member, and those posts remain. Also, unexplicably, a thread rudely titled "Dumcaster and his 3rd down gambles" goes uncensored.

The application of censorship on this forum by moderators is fraught with favouritism and skewed ideology. I am sure it does not go unnoticed by others.

Should I decide that my money would be more wisely spent supporting Hamilton Theatre I will personally contact Mr. Young with my decision.

If they can't drop the ticket price, at least they could drop the price of beer so we could afford to cry in it!

laughinghard, I see your points from what you are saying.
But theatre over football? OMG, I have nothing agains't theatre and enjoy it once in a while but man, it isn't sports, it's friggin theatre! Too boring for me usually, no one getting crunched and many theatre types are along the lines of people who go to Blue Jays games - stuffy.
And Bob Young I don't think wants you to support the TiCats, he wants you to go because you enjoy watching the Cats. Believe me, he doesn't need your sympathetic type of support.

Management would do itself a grave disservice if they underestimated the value of paying customers, but I'm sure they don't. Without ticket sales most professional teams seriously financially flounder or worse yet, become extinct. eg: Renegades, Allouettes, Tiger Cats, Argos, many defunct NHL teams, several former MLB teams, etc, etc, etc. The list is long. While one may not break the bank, a trend of malcontent certainly strains survival.

I would like to have seen if one of the Poll options was "would you pay more for seasons tickets next year" how many people would have chose that option.

I'm torn, I really don't know what I'm going to do next year. I have never sat through a season like this before. I have 3 tickets in Box I just ending the three year traditions club. I guess I will have to wait until I get my renewal notice to know for sure what I'm going to do.

I may just let the seats go (the two other people I bought seats for do not want to come to games anymore for the most part).

I will likely come with friends to the Labour Day game and watch the rest on TV. I may change my mind 1000 times before renewal time, who knows.

I tried to add more options to the poll, but to be honest I never considered putting in " would you pay more for tickets next year"...

Are you serious, someone would actually consider paying more for tickets?

I'm the dumb one though, I am at the 55 in section "I", I guess I'm feeling the hit harder than others, maybe If I go back next year I'll buy in a less expensive section... I cant justify the money I spent..not with this "broken product". I cant even get people to go with me anymore.

I have to figure out if I pay the same for box seats and get closer to the field so my wife can see the tight as** better which she so covets, as she wants, or maybe downgrade and go to cheaper seats for a change to save a bit of money.
Dilemma here, hmmm....

Keeping the wife happy and horny is worth a bunch I'd say

True turbo, but after looking at some of the players (sorry, not the o-lineman have to admit) and then looking at what I deliver body-wise, I will probably turn out to be not up to standard so to speak. 8)
But all is good I think, she doesn't have a problem with low libido, that much I can honestly say!

I will renew my tickets as long as Bob shows the fans that he is willing to improve, the on the field product because to me it’s a BIG part of the game day experience.

A good start would be resigning Holmes!!!

I agree ! And the batteries in the laptop wont burn, if you are not using them, Bob.