Will you go to the game next week - win or lose in BC?

Season tickets and my son's 7th Birthday have to get it up on the Tigervision :rockin: Happy B Day little tiger :smiley:

To be brutally honest, I would try to find another rich guy to buy the team. As much as I love Bob Young for investing in the team and taking a substantial financial loss in doing so, I really think that his ability to operate a CFL team has been demonstrated and the results are not good. The sad reality is tho, there is no new white knight on the horizon so in lieu of that I'll continue to hope and pray that the latest attempt to find the right football management team is the correct one and that Mr Young has the good sense to let Obie and company rebuild this team. I may not be sold yet on the mangement team put in place but I do see signs of improvement and I do know that starting from scatch every 2 years only guarentees failure. Since this is only game 2 of season 2 and only game 2 since the first offseason for this team its way too early to panic. Hopefully Mr Young agrees, I'm pretty sure Obie does

No db's? One of our DB's was an All-Star and led the league in INT's last year.

If you are so upset (and clearly you are) why do you continue to invest?

I have a feeling that if the Ticats went 17-1 in the regular season, you would come on this forum and complain that they didn't go 18-0.

When was the last time you made a positive/optimistic post on here?

I'll be there win or loss, but then I have season's tickets. :stuck_out_tongue:

this is just stupid...
bob does not run the team he hires people to do that, and maby he has hired the wrong people a few times but that could be just bad luck.

It will be amazing what a win or two will do to the spirit on these boards. :wink:

My Gaw'D to read some of the "tripe" that gets spewed in here some times. :roll:

Some people forget that if not for Bob Young we may not even have a team. Let alone the improvements we have seen at Ivor Wynne or on these websites themselves.

Look around...look at the promos they are running...look at the money that has been invested. Look how strong the league is right now in spite of the North American economic woes.

Don't get me wrong...I want a winner like every other fan...but it's a game...there is a winner and a loser. I think the people are in place to make Hamilton a winner. Be part of making it happen rather than bitching and complaining and boycotting.

When the wins happen it will be so much sweeter and we need fans in the seats to make it happen.

Enough with the "Negative BS". Besides, we still have a team to cheer...look at Ottawa. :roll:

I hope they "sell out" on July 18th and the fans see a win! :rockin:

And thats why I point to Bob Young, he's hired the people to run the team and each decision has been a disaster. I sure hope he's learning from his mistakes and Obie was hired for all of the right reasons, because Obie will need to be replaced in a few years due to his age at the very least and if Bob Young is still around as the owner he'll be the one to decide who to hire. Not stupid at all, even the caretaker admits he made mistakes and had a lot to learn.

Well it's had almost 30 responses and you just wasted time posting in it

Odd...I thought message boards were for discussion buuuut...

I agree but not sad to say. a team's biggest critics should be the hometon fans. Without them there is no team.

With that said I am one that has to say the win is what will made me buy tickets to next SAt. After nearly 40 yrs of STH I took the pay as you go route this year.