Will you go to the game next week - win or lose in BC?

Tigertown Faithful...

Does this game against BC make or break whether you buy tickets next weekend against 'Peg?

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I already have my tickets. Section 6 this time.

Oski Wee Wee!!

Why would I not go? I know it is good to have a fourm to sound off with but, there are a lot of people here that no matter how good or bad they do find something to whine about.

It is only the second game give us a break! I am just as frustrated as you but I have been around for 50 years and I still go to the games win lose or draw. I love football. Do I compain yes! Am I fed up....yes! But there is no other sport that I have a passion for than this sport we call football. When the NFL starts up I have the best of both worlds. Hell I watch both Canadian and American College ball. If you are a purist and love the sport then you go, if not buy some Leaf season tickets...... I was 15 when they won the last Cup. Hell I will be pushing up daisies before they win another one. I will see more Grey Cups here than the Leafs will see Stanley in the next 10 years.

Lighten up enjoy the game.....but never give up critizing the officiating. I have been doing it for 50 years and look where it got me.....Jake Ireland in the head office calling the replays. Where is the justice!

I have season tickets, hell yeah I'm going :smiley:. My guess is a win would put more butts in the seats, a loss would encourage more talk about the same old same old losing cats in tigertown. Our biggest critics are actually residents of this city, sad to say.

Hey I'll be there (covering) and I don't disagree at all...in fact the opposite. I''m just curious as to how the rest of the fans felt. Listening to the 5th quarter after the home opener was a little discouraging from a fans perspective.

Also, there were 23-thousand plus fans last game. That game would have been a sell-out in the first few years of Bob Young's tenure. That to me says a good chunk of the fans are waiting for some W's before they shell out the cash for a ticket.

Like I've tried to explain to some of my friends from out of town, I go to IWS for 3 things:

  1. Watch some damn football- win or lose its still damn entertaining.

  2. Have a drink or three with 23,000 of my fellow Hamiltonians. Very few things make me feel like I belong in the city I love, more then running in to people I recognize at the games. I guess it's a civic pride thing.

  3. Hang out with friends. Going to games is the best excuse to get out with the people you care about and spend some time together. Lots of time in between plays to get caught up.

As far as I see none of those things are affected by the Cats loosing or winning. Sure I'd love to see them above .500 and in the playoffs. But as long as I see they are making an honest effort, I'll come to the games. Unless they raise the price of tickets again...

Season Ticket Holder SO I will be there

i have seasons so ill be there, but if they lose the crowd will be pretty bad

Sad to say, but my dads going to the game. You may be thinking "why is that a bad thing? the more people the better." Well you see, my dads one of the biggest bandwagon jumpers in this city. He's one of those guys that believes the Ticats are doomed to suck for all eternity and that winning will never come for them. That being said, he is going to the game, BUT only to cheer on the Bombers. How sad is that? I think i'll find another seat. That's exactly why I think winning in BC is key. My friend's dad won't even come to the games at all anymore, and laughs at ANYONE that wears Ticats apparrel. Same mentality as my dad. This supreme negativity within the city has to stop. The Ticats shouldn't be the stepping stones of the CFL, the Detroit Lions of the CFL, and the first thing that comes to mind when you think of crap. The ticats are a very regal franchise, and I hope soon that they will return to their winning ways. I'll keep buying my season's so I can be there when it happens and i'm saving up about a million I told you so's to spread around. Good luck in BC on friday Cats, we'll be watching.

Of course who does not love a trainwreck?then on to july31 against B.C. To go 0 and 5 aperfect july then eskies twice ,the riders away and then 0 and 8 going to Labour day someone cue the Nylons... Na na na na na na na na hey hey goodbye.

Idiot's like Ballard are also people that need to be shut up. EVERY SINGLE TEAM has had dry spells, but the Ticats had to have theirs in the computer era when guys like Ballard are around. Love how people come on here, don't use knowledge or logic and just straight up mock a team or it's fans. Childish and a half. Grow up Ballard. :roll:
PS. Here's a look ahead at the troubles facing teams.
Ticats. Year 4 of re-building. Should be finished soon.
Argo's. Year 2 of rebuilding. Still going to need another year or two.
Bombers. Year 1 of rebuilding. Who knows where this will take them.
Montreal. ALOT of players going to retire in a year or two and not much being done to ensure success for the future. Expect rebuilding years in 2-3 years.
BC. Rebuilding year 1. Very successful decade, team got too old.
Calgary. Steady team. Off-seasons may change things though.
Edmonton. Steady-rising. This team is only going to get better.
Riders. Quick fix year. We'll see how this works out.

I shan't resort to insults 15 championships just knowledge and facts I have had 4 season tickets for over 30 years or approximately 1200 tickets purhased as so I suspect I have invested far more in this team than you and spend more on an ongoing basis than you do.As to facts I do despair over a team in year6 of tne 5 year plan that has only won 1/4 of it's games since 1990. As Casey stengall might say "you can look it up"

Ballard86 -

There are a number of people on this board who would love to hear how you would fix this team that you say is so bad.

Please enlighten us since you are so invested in this franchise.

Honestly, I'm intrigued by your pessimism. Obie cut your son or something?

Who's 5 year plan was this any ways? Cause it sure as hell wasn't OB's. This is OB's team now, and his second year. I am looking forward to a win tomorrow night, and I have a good feeling we will get it!


I am going to go.


  1. I love the Tiger-Cats. I get frustrated with them and get angry but at the end of the day I'm still a big fan.

  2. I had planned on going for awhile, but because I couldn't get the proper leave time I had changed my mind, now I am back to going. It will be a hectic weekend now but it may be the last chance that I get to see them play for the rest of the season and next season. I won't even have TSN for most of next season :frowning:

  3. Why not go? So they're not winning. If everyone stops going you'll lose the team... is that better?

Cwretaker's 5 year plan.remember?

I'd go if I was in Hamilton next week, live football on its own merits is great.

Hey Ballard86 -

Wer're still waiting on your explanation...

Where to begin first caretaker hire a university coach out of his depth, an organization so hell bent on marketing that sauve a football guy resigns , the infamous katz era then a president who is a second rate agent then no diline no dbs one reciever is that enough ti cause despair pollyanna?

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