will you be watching the CFL Draft ?

The CFL Draft Again will be doing a Webcast live this year.

Will you be Watching it ?

I'll try. I think I slept through most of it last year.


...I will hear of the results when Callahan brings us our flour, lard and gunpowder supplies when the thaw is over...

Drafts in any league dont excite me.

I will be interested in who the Riders pick, but I won't watch it. Drafts make for boring television, especially if you have 10-15 minutes between picks.

I am also one for not watching drafts in any league, perfect stuff for a news highlight watch on TV later that day.

There are a number of quality canadians in the draft, so it will be good to see where they go. I also hope that someone drafts Sacobie and Orban...we need to see NI Qb's in the CFL!

.....draft picks.....hmmmmm ...crap-shoot at best....BUT...definitely a talent source every club has to tap into...should be enought to draw interest....agreed... a boring watch...info from Duane Forde on the result of various draft picks....will be worth watching... :thup:

Wasnt the draft done over the phone?

The NFL Network televised a replay of last year's draft this past weekend. Can you imagine? They're boring enough when you don't know who's going to be picked, but to watch a rerun of it?

Yeah, but CFL.ca streamed a show about it last year.

I watched some of it because I was curious about where some guys would go. And it's faster than most drafts, but it's still more than a little dry.

:lol: Wow. You'd have to be pretty hard up for some football. :lol: