Will You Be At Ivor Wynne Friday?

Does anyone know about the Beer tents?

This is very important!

They are everywhere inside the North and South concourse.

yes but be prepared to pay 8 bucks a beer! at least when i last payed 8-9 bucks a beer there were ladies dancing nakes infront me me, not grown men in tights! cheerleaders should where better uni's lol :smiley:

Ah, the season must be near...

Whining about the price of beer, threats to cancel seasons tickets, Russ watching skirts go by while guzzling brewskies on his balcony and listening to the game on CHML...

It's like seeing the first robin of the spring.

And then there's our first significant injury. BG, get better soon. At least it's a pre-season game. I'd accuse you of not being hard core if you missed a regular season tilt for a little ol' MRI test.

I blame the new turf

Sudman, I’m with you. I’d love to be at good old Ivor Wynne for this. But sadly, I’m resigned to my computer as well as my home is all the way over in Korea.
Still keeping daily tabs on beloved Cats, would no matter where I live.
Oskee wee wee

I will be there, ready to check out the new team.