Will You Be At Ivor Wynne Friday?

Hey Cats Fans, im just curious to see how many of you here on the forum will b attending the pre-season game this friday! im hoping its a good turnout anyways i know ill be there!

quick question though.

will there b beer tents?

can u buy tickets the day of at ivor wynn?

lol thanks! :smiley: :smiley:

Nope can't make it.

Can I trade in my preseason ticket for a regular season ticket?

In spirit. :wink:

I will be listening to CHML here at home and pontificating accordingly in the game thread.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'd love to be there, I guess the hospital doesn't have a copy of the Ticats' schedule and they scheduled the MRI on my knee for that night. :roll:

Yup- my 2 seats plus 6 more! (Most of my family p;us we're springing for 4 extras so we can meet the family of my son's very serious girlfriend. (He's thinking bells.)

Yep I Will be there.
Shure the Box Office is in Bowl Area Just
Off to Left of North Side Stands.

It’s been a looooonggg winter and I have been waiting for my first taste of the new and improved Cats.I may show up even before they open up.Chomping at the bit.

I've been waiting 6 months for a game. Pre-season or not I will be there. I'm Football starved and I'll be there for sure.

Ill be thier after work , BG whats the problem with the knee ??

I couldn't agree more! I really want to see Timmy Chang in there. I didn't listen to the game but I saw his numbers and by all accounts he had a great game.

I'm looking forward to the game :thup: :thup:

I'll be there!!!!

As much as I enjoyed watching the Sens and Sabres through the playoffs, and following Berwick and Gretna rise to greatness in the Scottish Football League, I realized one thing: I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE CFL SEASON TO START. So yeah, I'll be there.

Sorry, got to listen to CHML on the computer to keep in touch.
Tough to be a Cats fan in Sudbury.

I have a tear in the cartilage.

Hope you all enjoy the game.

BG Get well soon :slight_smile:
Montreal Trip would be same with out you and Patcat.
So Get well We need on the Trip.

Thanks, Tom. I'll be there even if my bf has to carry me..lol. I'm okay, just a little painful from time to time.

The cattmann will be there as always. BG, nice to see your doctor is finally taking care of you.

8) I will be there also.....as usual !!!!

get better soon BG